Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Contender

I just watched two hours of boxing action, the finale of NBC's The Contender. Sergio Mora, the "Latin Snake" beats up Peter Manfredo, Jr. Congratulations, Sergio! Now there is another boxing action going on in the body building chatroom... Uh oh, it's between Vtaper and Sandy. Read the chat transcript for you boxing pleasure...
*rings the bell*
vtaper2004: sandy quit pming me i'm not into BELUGA whales vtaper2004: hurley if you got hit on in pm by a 400 pounder repedidly you'd say something too Sandy: wow taper all that talking shit and no balls to put your own pic up...wow very classy vtaper2004: sorry fatty, i guess all those ROLLS cloud your vision...you hit on me fatty Sandy: you wouldn't last 10 minutes with me
vtaper2004: WHO LET THE HIPPO IN THE POOL? vtaper2004: no i wouldn't because you'd SUFFICATE me with all that 400 pounds of weight Sandy: and now your off to iggy land so wave good bye vtaper2004: i've got two words for you sandy.....JENNY and CRAIG
vtaper2004: LMAOO you like fatties gman? vtaper2004: Gman where are you looking the woman is over 300 pounds, of lard vtaper2004: gman must be a desperate 60 year old virgin to want that Gman: just know a good looking girl when i see one vtaper2004: LMAOO you're probably some geek that cant' get any woman so you find the ugliest, fattest one in a chat room and hit on them vtaper2004: someone please throw SHAMU back in the ocean, she's tilting the room Gman: taper obviously your in here more than i am, this is my 1st time, and everyoen in here knows your name dude Gman: i cant sleep thast they only reason im in here vtaper2004: i know i'm a reg, a cool one at that
vtaper2004: no one was talking to you sandy you HIPPO Sandy: a lot of people are actually vtaper2004: LMAO only in your fat dreams tubbo vtaper2004: sandy, have you ever fucked an ostrich? vtaper2004: sandy makes republican_priss and miss_tuboflard31 both look anorexic Sandy: I just told you the truth loser vtaper2004: no sandy, perhaps all those rolls clouded your vision Sandy: need new material.. your repeating yourself vtaper2004: ok you two tons of cow
And now...the 5th and final round.... Sandy: if your masterbating career goes to shits ..comedy might be it for you vtaper2004: i got a pm from some dude literally crying because i'm so mean to sandy vtaper2004: sandy do you have an orgasm when you see the phrase "ALL YOU CAN EAT?"

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