Thursday, June 30, 2005

My Missing Turtle is Alive!

Last June 15, my mom came home and noticed that one of my turtles was missing. Last time I saw it was 2 PM. While walking my dog this early morning, I saw this sign that said, "Found Turtle". Someone found my turtle?! I thought he was already eaten by some wild animal. Thank you for finding my turtle, JD. I'm calling you right now.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Happy Wedding Day!

Prairie_jock & Rugbymonstah,
Your friends in the online fitness community want to send their warmest congratulations on your marriage, and wish you many, many years of health and happiness forever.
Click here to view your guestbook.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Rate My Bitch's Smile Scale

This is sexy, so pretty and she's a full time mom. Yeah, she's married guys!
Yahoo!: "Tell us more about you." Deedle: "I'm not gay or bi but I chat with everyone. I dont hate. Please dont buzz me it locks my IM (instant msg) up. I get booted enough, lol. Hobbies...anything to keep me busy spending time with my best great dane. My favorite quote is "Expect the worst... You wont get let down."
Chuys is inviting you to rate Deedle's smile using the Chuy's Rate My Bitch's Smile Scale.
The Scale
Excellent: Bitch is always smiling and making others smile back at her. "Your smile is heavenly!" (drools)
Good: "F***ing nice smile, bitch!" (tongue out) Okay: "Bitch, your smile reminds me of someone." (big grin) Bad: "Ummm..." (sad face)
Terrible: Bitch covers her mouth when she smiles for the following reasons: Bitch's teeth are stained or discolored, have dark and unsightly fillings, crooked
and crowded, gums are red, swollen, receding and/or bleeding, spaces between teeth, have old unsightly crowns with black lines, teeth are worn out with rough edges, teeth seem out of proportion. Bitch needs teeth implants, whitenings, fillings, possibly dentures, repairs and/or relines, ASAP! "Don't you smile again, bitch!" (pukes) **Post your ratings on "My Message Forum". Thanks for participating and keep on smiling.**

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Kellie Reads My Sign

Kellie said that I watch the weirdest stuffs after learning that I was watching "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC 7. I love the show, sorry! Now she asked for my sign, I'm a Libra. Here's her interpretation: Kellie: you like sex with alot of light Kellie: favorite body part on a female is the abs Kellie: libra likes tiny girls with tight tummy's Kellie: like never eat kinda girls Kellie: says youdisplay a great deal of composure and reserve Kellie: taking time in everything you do is extremly important to you Kellie: and you hate to be rushed Kellie: says you tend to rule the roost Kellie: but rarely in an aggressive orovert way Kellie: more often working behind the scenes as a power behind the throne Kellie: your not materialistic Kellie: but your home is very important to you Kellie: often doubling as a work place Kellie: says you can be quiet content with a monogameous relationship Kellie: but must be aware of the twin pitfallsof isolation and subservienceto a more dominate personality Kellie: particulary true of woman Kellie: says you can be a static personality Kellie: you travel alot Kellie: says you like to cook Kellie: says watch out you might have a weight problem if you eat all the good food you cook Kellie: says your a good person Kellie: man of my dreams By the way, she's a pisces. Thanks for the reading, Kellie!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Birthday parties in Las Vegas

June 17-20: Fremont Light Experience, 100 Years of Las Vegas, Sherelle and her friend (Golden Nugget Casino), the Wynn Casino (by the strip), a $500-a-pop slot machine (Harrah's Casino), Joel's playing cards, and two plates of what I basically ate for breakfast (ham, beans, cholesterol-free eggs, chicken and beef fritters, sausages), buffet style. Happy birthday Uncle and Auntie!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Riot Girl On Cam For The First Time

***Unedited chat transcript between Riot Girl and myself while she was on cam. *** You currently appear invisible to riot_girl_xxx. riot_girl_xxx: hey did u want to see who i am? lol toodles90041: oh sure! riot_girl_xxx: lol ok toodles90041: the moment of truth.... toodles90041: hold up riot_girl_xxx: im relaly a guy riot_girl_xxx: jk jk jk toodles90041: so who has seen your cam? riot_girl_xxx: almost everyone that i talk to regulalry riot_girl_xxx: why toodles90041: oh toodles90041: omg toodles90041: so pretty riot_girl_xxx: awww ty toodles90041: are you a newscaster? riot_girl_xxx: lol no way toodles90041: why? toodles90041: you're so pretty riot_girl_xxx: awww ur such a sweetie riot_girl_xxx: ty toodles90041: and with the tv as your background toodles90041: aw toodles90041: wow wow riot_girl_xxx: lol my girl fell asleep watching dora toodles90041: wake her up riot_girl_xxx: no way lol toodles90041: omg toodles90041: can i put your pic on my blog? riot_girl_xxx: sure toodles90041: nothing interestin to talk about there today riot_girl_xxx: lol ok riot_girl_xxx: i love ur contender btw that shits funny toodles90041: woohoo toodles90041: you know what's cool riot_girl_xxx: whats that toodles90041: if you can get a paper and write on it... toodles90041: "Hi chuys!" toodles90041: hehehe riot_girl_xxx: ok ill do it rigth now lol toodles90041: woohoo toodles90041: ill be putting it on my blog today toodles90041: they'll be surprised riot_girl_xxx: ur gonna take a pic off my cam? toodles90041: yeah toodles90041: with your permission of course riot_girl_xxx: ok lol riot_girl_xxx: of course lol i dont care riot_girl_xxx: i feel liek shit but oh well lol toodles90041: you're so pretty anyways toodles90041: oh come on toodles90041: you look so pretty toodles90041: ok waiting toodles90041: get a paper toodles90041: LOL toodles90041: pls... riot_girl_xxx: k k lol toodles90041: wow toodles90041: i saw that one riot_girl_xxx: ready? toodles90041: do it again while i take a pic riot_girl_xxx: do what? lol toodles90041: you just kissed the paper toodles90041: LOL riot_girl_xxx: for ur sign lol toodles90041: lol! riot_girl_xxx: ready? toodles90041: im ready toodles90041: aw toodles90041: so sweet toodles90041: thanks riot_girl_xxx: np riot_girl_xxx: ur catching me five days out of surgery tho lol toodles90041: really? riot_girl_xxx: yea toodles90041: what surgery are you talking about? riot_girl_xxx: lmfao not that riot_girl_xxx: i had my gallbladder removed toodles90041: god toodles90041: you're so sexy toodles90041: want my gallbladder? riot_girl_xxx: lol no they hurt riot_girl_xxx: here ill blow u a kiss toodles90041: ok... toodles90041: thank you riot_girl_xxx: yw toodles90041: so who else is watching? riot_girl_xxx: im surprised we didnt talk sooner lol toodles90041: yeah! toodles90041: ok girl, now take off that wig riot_girl_xxx: u and a guy i went to elementary with lol toodles90041: just kidding! riot_girl_xxx: i cant its attached lol toodles90041: omg riot_girl_xxx: it goes down to my waist toodles90041: just the two of us? toodles90041: is he getting horny now? toodles90041: i can read his mind riot_girl_xxx: lmfao i dont know if he can get the eight year old out of his head riot_girl_xxx: me lol toodles90041: woohoo toodles90041: my oh my toodles90041: so how are you doing? riot_girl_xxx: lol toodles90041: are you in pain? riot_girl_xxx: not too bad today toodles90041: need my care? toodles90041: opps wrong emoticon sorry riot_girl_xxx: u offering toodles90041: i happens all the time toodles90041: hahaha, this reminds me of that commercial riot_girl_xxx: which one lol toodles90041: about a ringtone toodles90041: know that one? toodles90041: i dont exactly remember... toodles90041: but she said like she loves him... toodles90041: then his phone rang... toodles90041: and his ringtone wasn't the right one... toodles90041: and she just busted him toodles90041: something like that riot_girl_xxx: lol i dont think we got that one toodles90041: why, where are you at? toodles90041: dont tell me you are in Iraq riot_girl_xxx: canada close enough lol toodles90041: Canadalicious riot_girl_xxx: well now u know who i am when i tlak to u lol toodles90041: yeah toodles90041: the rooms gonna get wild when they see you riot_girl_xxx: no one sees me lol toodles90041: well, when they see you riot_girl_xxx: lol riot_girl_xxx: im the elusive one in teh room lol toodles90041: im so excited to make my blog today riot_girl_xxx: whats ur blog today? toodles90041: it's gonna be YOU riot_girl_xxx: i get a whole blog? lol riot_girl_xxx: wow toodles90041: yeah toodles90041: no kidding riot_girl_xxx: when is it gonna be done? toodles90041: tonight toodles90041: before the date changes toodles90041: LOL riot_girl_xxx: ill have to see it lol riot_girl_xxx: i need to take a new pic for my profile i think toodles90041: they dont wanna read something that is obsolete already riot_girl_xxx: people always say i look diff toodles90041: has to be fresh riot_girl_xxx: lol ok riot_girl_xxx: just be nice toodles90041: sure toodles90041: i wont tell them you're a guy wearing a wig riot_girl_xxx: lmao toodles90041: especially to Decent toodles90041: and vtaper riot_girl_xxx: i live in the same city as vtaper lol toodles90041: hahaha toodles90041: he is probably your neighbor toodles90041: so watch out riot_girl_xxx: not far like ten minutes away lmfao toodles90041: hehehe toodles90041: it's so dark there, aren't you scared? riot_girl_xxx: wanna protect me? lol toodles90041: yes riot_girl_xxx: lol ok toodles90041: omg toodles90041: sexy toodles90041: are you doing that on purpose riot_girl_xxx: lol im sorry no, its just a habit toodles90041: oh, so sexy though toodles90041: know what... riot_girl_xxx: what? toodles90041: show me your gallbladder, i wanna see it riot_girl_xxx: lmfao i dont have it toodles90041: you know when i post something there toodles90041: esp a picture of a hot chick toodles90041: man, this is going to get me more viewers toodles90041: watch my counter riot_girl_xxx: lol ok toodles90041: it's going to hit 1,000+ riot_girl_xxx: it better be a good picture lol toodles90041: oh yeah riot_girl_xxx: did it turn out ok? toodles90041: i think so toodles90041: we can redo it if you want riot_girl_xxx: i dont care its up to u lol toodles90041: but you gotta be naked this time, JK riot_girl_xxx: ur the guy ill never think its good lol toodles90041: is that good or bad? riot_girl_xxx: if u say the pic is good ill believe u lol toodles90041: hehehe toodles90041: looks perfect to me riot_girl_xxx: ok lol toodles90041: i know he's talking to you toodles90041: guess what riot_girl_xxx: who? toodles90041: you're a new addition to chuy's angels riot_girl_xxx: what? riot_girl_xxx: lol ok toodles90041: the dorky guy toodles90041: jk toodles90041: he was your bf in elementary huh riot_girl_xxx: no way lol toodles90041: oh come on toodles90041: dont lie riot_girl_xxx: nuh uh lol toodles90041: Thunder knows toodles90041: He's god riot_girl_xxx: he knows what lol toodles90041: he knows everything riot_girl_xxx: whats everything lol toodles90041: he knows your secrets and mine riot_girl_xxx: wow what are u his prophet? toodles90041: no riot_girl_xxx: lmfao riot_girl_xxx: well thudner wants to fuck me lmfao riot_girl_xxx: his words toodles90041: he's like that riot_girl_xxx: lmfao toodles90041: omg, so how many viewers you've got now? toodles90041: 30? riot_girl_xxx: 4 riot_girl_xxx: lol im picky toodles90041: aw, now i feel so special toodles90041: i have to start making my blog now toodles90041: before it gets late riot_girl_xxx: ok hun take care wahts ur link? toodles90041: toodles90041: hold up toodles90041: let me check toodles90041: im not sure, LOL riot_girl_xxx: lol toodles90041: yeah, that's the one riot_girl_xxx: lol ok thnx riot_girl_xxx: ill look for it toodles90041: lol toodles90041: not right now toodles90041: maybe in three hours riot_girl_xxx: ok lol toodles90041: or tomorrow toodles90041: LOL riot_girl_xxx: ok lol toodles90041: i have to edit your pic first toodles90041: LOL riot_girl_xxx: make it good lol toodles90041: yes i promise! riot_girl_xxx: lol k have a great night toodles90041: goodnight and thank you riot_girl_xxx: ty toodles90041: no, i thank you riot_girl_xxx: lol well ok then

Sunday, June 12, 2005

West Hollywood's Gay & Lesbian Pride 2005

Yeah... yeah... After talking to family about the 5.6 earthquake this morning, they invited me to go with them to the Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade in West Hollywood. (*batting eyelashes* hahaha!) We got there very late and we only saw the last three floats - this colorful float of balls, the Pepsi truck with this sexy chick on it, and this buff guy they call "Hunky Santa". The pink car was Paris Hilton's float -- the Grand Marshall. I also took a picture of these guys against the gay and lesbian people with their signs that say, "Sodomy is still against God's Law" and "The Bible God made marriage not Adam & Steve or Alice & Eve. Repent!!" Police were soon right there as the crowd was getting on them. And here's a guy in red shirt taking a picture of these girls in costumes. *pauses for a sec* (Are they real chicks?) It was an experience!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Lord, Please Walk With Me

Lord, Please Walk With Me
The road of life is rough and rugged, and I am too weak, too weary to go on. Assist me, Lord and see me through. The road is dark and dangerous, my strength and my courage flag. Hold me up, Lord, and get me to my goal. The road seems endless, my destination is not in sight. Lift me up, Lord and guide me to the right path. The journey tines and wearies me. I drag my feet and walk with a heavy heart. My patience runs thin as I plod on. My load is heavy and burdensome. But when you walk with me, Lord, the road becomes smooth and easy; my strength returns; my mind is refreshed; my heart is renewed. My burden is lifted, the waiting is filled with anticipation and excitement. The road is narrow and winding; misfortune seems to await me at every turn. But walk with me, Lord, and I will be safe. With you by my side, I will be free from all harm. The road may be dark and long, and I may never know where it leads. But walk with me, Lord, that I may progress, move forward, and reap success. Guide me, Lord, in the road of life and lead me to heaven above. Travel with me, Lord, that I may not stray from the path that will lead me back to God. Walk with me, Lord that I may find the way to you. Amen *This prayer was given to me by a good friend who lives overseas. She was here a couple of months ago. Her son is a Priest in Germany. I dedicate this poem to my friend whose mom passed away days ago. God Bless you, Gary.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Memorial Weekend '05

A. Muir Woods, Redwoods, CA B. Lone Cypress Tree (17 Mile Drive) C. Downtown Monterey D. SBC in San Francisco E. Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco F. Golden Gate Bridge May 28, Saturday: Cousin Kim and Joe arrived in LAX from New York. May 29, Sunday: We leave for Monterey. Stayed at Lover's Point. May 30, Monday: Walked around Monterey Peninsula, drove the 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach, the famous golf courses. To San Francisco in the PM: Joe drives the Crookedest Street in Lombard. Dinner at China Town (ABC). May 31, Tuesday: To Redwoods: The tallest trees in the world. In SF: Fisherman's Wharf (Fishermen's Grotto), Coit Tower, dinner at Little Italy (Steps of Rome). June 01, Wednesday: Drove around San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge and Palace of Fine Arts. June 02, Thursday: Joe and Kim leave for New York.