Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Kellie Reads My Sign

Kellie said that I watch the weirdest stuffs after learning that I was watching "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC 7. I love the show, sorry! Now she asked for my sign, I'm a Libra. Here's her interpretation: Kellie: you like sex with alot of light Kellie: favorite body part on a female is the abs Kellie: libra likes tiny girls with tight tummy's Kellie: like never eat kinda girls Kellie: says youdisplay a great deal of composure and reserve Kellie: taking time in everything you do is extremly important to you Kellie: and you hate to be rushed Kellie: says you tend to rule the roost Kellie: but rarely in an aggressive orovert way Kellie: more often working behind the scenes as a power behind the throne Kellie: your not materialistic Kellie: but your home is very important to you Kellie: often doubling as a work place Kellie: says you can be quiet content with a monogameous relationship Kellie: but must be aware of the twin pitfallsof isolation and subservienceto a more dominate personality Kellie: particulary true of woman Kellie: says you can be a static personality Kellie: you travel alot Kellie: says you like to cook Kellie: says watch out you might have a weight problem if you eat all the good food you cook Kellie: says your a good person Kellie: man of my dreams By the way, she's a pisces. Thanks for the reading, Kellie!