Thursday, June 23, 2005

Rate My Bitch's Smile Scale

This is sexy, so pretty and she's a full time mom. Yeah, she's married guys!
Yahoo!: "Tell us more about you." Deedle: "I'm not gay or bi but I chat with everyone. I dont hate. Please dont buzz me it locks my IM (instant msg) up. I get booted enough, lol. Hobbies...anything to keep me busy spending time with my best great dane. My favorite quote is "Expect the worst... You wont get let down."
Chuys is inviting you to rate Deedle's smile using the Chuy's Rate My Bitch's Smile Scale.
The Scale
Excellent: Bitch is always smiling and making others smile back at her. "Your smile is heavenly!" (drools)
Good: "F***ing nice smile, bitch!" (tongue out) Okay: "Bitch, your smile reminds me of someone." (big grin) Bad: "Ummm..." (sad face)
Terrible: Bitch covers her mouth when she smiles for the following reasons: Bitch's teeth are stained or discolored, have dark and unsightly fillings, crooked
and crowded, gums are red, swollen, receding and/or bleeding, spaces between teeth, have old unsightly crowns with black lines, teeth are worn out with rough edges, teeth seem out of proportion. Bitch needs teeth implants, whitenings, fillings, possibly dentures, repairs and/or relines, ASAP! "Don't you smile again, bitch!" (pukes) **Post your ratings on "My Message Forum". Thanks for participating and keep on smiling.**