Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Riot Girl On Cam For The First Time

***Unedited chat transcript between Riot Girl and myself while she was on cam. *** You currently appear invisible to riot_girl_xxx. riot_girl_xxx: hey did u want to see who i am? lol toodles90041: oh sure! riot_girl_xxx: lol ok toodles90041: the moment of truth.... toodles90041: hold up riot_girl_xxx: im relaly a guy riot_girl_xxx: jk jk jk toodles90041: so who has seen your cam? riot_girl_xxx: almost everyone that i talk to regulalry riot_girl_xxx: why toodles90041: oh toodles90041: omg toodles90041: so pretty riot_girl_xxx: awww ty toodles90041: are you a newscaster? riot_girl_xxx: lol no way toodles90041: why? toodles90041: you're so pretty riot_girl_xxx: awww ur such a sweetie riot_girl_xxx: ty toodles90041: and with the tv as your background toodles90041: aw toodles90041: wow wow riot_girl_xxx: lol my girl fell asleep watching dora toodles90041: wake her up riot_girl_xxx: no way lol toodles90041: omg toodles90041: can i put your pic on my blog? riot_girl_xxx: sure toodles90041: nothing interestin to talk about there today riot_girl_xxx: lol ok riot_girl_xxx: i love ur contender btw that shits funny toodles90041: woohoo toodles90041: you know what's cool riot_girl_xxx: whats that toodles90041: if you can get a paper and write on it... toodles90041: "Hi chuys!" toodles90041: hehehe riot_girl_xxx: ok ill do it rigth now lol toodles90041: woohoo toodles90041: ill be putting it on my blog today toodles90041: they'll be surprised riot_girl_xxx: ur gonna take a pic off my cam? toodles90041: yeah toodles90041: with your permission of course riot_girl_xxx: ok lol riot_girl_xxx: of course lol i dont care riot_girl_xxx: i feel liek shit but oh well lol toodles90041: you're so pretty anyways toodles90041: oh come on toodles90041: you look so pretty toodles90041: ok waiting toodles90041: get a paper toodles90041: LOL toodles90041: pls... riot_girl_xxx: k k lol toodles90041: wow toodles90041: i saw that one riot_girl_xxx: ready? toodles90041: do it again while i take a pic riot_girl_xxx: do what? lol toodles90041: you just kissed the paper toodles90041: LOL riot_girl_xxx: for ur sign lol toodles90041: lol! riot_girl_xxx: ready? toodles90041: im ready toodles90041: aw toodles90041: so sweet toodles90041: thanks riot_girl_xxx: np riot_girl_xxx: ur catching me five days out of surgery tho lol toodles90041: really? riot_girl_xxx: yea toodles90041: what surgery are you talking about? riot_girl_xxx: lmfao not that riot_girl_xxx: i had my gallbladder removed toodles90041: god toodles90041: you're so sexy toodles90041: want my gallbladder? riot_girl_xxx: lol no they hurt riot_girl_xxx: here ill blow u a kiss toodles90041: ok... toodles90041: thank you riot_girl_xxx: yw toodles90041: so who else is watching? riot_girl_xxx: im surprised we didnt talk sooner lol toodles90041: yeah! toodles90041: ok girl, now take off that wig riot_girl_xxx: u and a guy i went to elementary with lol toodles90041: just kidding! riot_girl_xxx: i cant its attached lol toodles90041: omg riot_girl_xxx: it goes down to my waist toodles90041: just the two of us? toodles90041: is he getting horny now? toodles90041: i can read his mind riot_girl_xxx: lmfao i dont know if he can get the eight year old out of his head riot_girl_xxx: me lol toodles90041: woohoo toodles90041: my oh my toodles90041: so how are you doing? riot_girl_xxx: lol toodles90041: are you in pain? riot_girl_xxx: not too bad today toodles90041: need my care? toodles90041: opps wrong emoticon sorry riot_girl_xxx: u offering toodles90041: i happens all the time toodles90041: hahaha, this reminds me of that commercial riot_girl_xxx: which one lol toodles90041: about a ringtone toodles90041: know that one? toodles90041: i dont exactly remember... toodles90041: but she said like she loves him... toodles90041: then his phone rang... toodles90041: and his ringtone wasn't the right one... toodles90041: and she just busted him toodles90041: something like that riot_girl_xxx: lol i dont think we got that one toodles90041: why, where are you at? toodles90041: dont tell me you are in Iraq riot_girl_xxx: canada close enough lol toodles90041: Canadalicious riot_girl_xxx: well now u know who i am when i tlak to u lol toodles90041: yeah toodles90041: the rooms gonna get wild when they see you riot_girl_xxx: no one sees me lol toodles90041: well, when they see you riot_girl_xxx: lol riot_girl_xxx: im the elusive one in teh room lol toodles90041: im so excited to make my blog today riot_girl_xxx: whats ur blog today? toodles90041: it's gonna be YOU riot_girl_xxx: i get a whole blog? lol riot_girl_xxx: wow toodles90041: yeah toodles90041: no kidding riot_girl_xxx: when is it gonna be done? toodles90041: tonight toodles90041: before the date changes toodles90041: LOL riot_girl_xxx: ill have to see it lol riot_girl_xxx: i need to take a new pic for my profile i think toodles90041: they dont wanna read something that is obsolete already riot_girl_xxx: people always say i look diff toodles90041: has to be fresh riot_girl_xxx: lol ok riot_girl_xxx: just be nice toodles90041: sure toodles90041: i wont tell them you're a guy wearing a wig riot_girl_xxx: lmao toodles90041: especially to Decent toodles90041: and vtaper riot_girl_xxx: i live in the same city as vtaper lol toodles90041: hahaha toodles90041: he is probably your neighbor toodles90041: so watch out riot_girl_xxx: not far like ten minutes away lmfao toodles90041: hehehe toodles90041: it's so dark there, aren't you scared? riot_girl_xxx: wanna protect me? lol toodles90041: yes riot_girl_xxx: lol ok toodles90041: omg toodles90041: sexy toodles90041: are you doing that on purpose riot_girl_xxx: lol im sorry no, its just a habit toodles90041: oh, so sexy though toodles90041: know what... riot_girl_xxx: what? toodles90041: show me your gallbladder, i wanna see it riot_girl_xxx: lmfao i dont have it toodles90041: you know when i post something there toodles90041: esp a picture of a hot chick toodles90041: man, this is going to get me more viewers toodles90041: watch my counter riot_girl_xxx: lol ok toodles90041: it's going to hit 1,000+ riot_girl_xxx: it better be a good picture lol toodles90041: oh yeah riot_girl_xxx: did it turn out ok? toodles90041: i think so toodles90041: we can redo it if you want riot_girl_xxx: i dont care its up to u lol toodles90041: but you gotta be naked this time, JK riot_girl_xxx: ur the guy ill never think its good lol toodles90041: is that good or bad? riot_girl_xxx: if u say the pic is good ill believe u lol toodles90041: hehehe toodles90041: looks perfect to me riot_girl_xxx: ok lol toodles90041: i know he's talking to you toodles90041: guess what riot_girl_xxx: who? toodles90041: you're a new addition to chuy's angels riot_girl_xxx: what? riot_girl_xxx: lol ok toodles90041: the dorky guy toodles90041: jk toodles90041: he was your bf in elementary huh riot_girl_xxx: no way lol toodles90041: oh come on toodles90041: dont lie riot_girl_xxx: nuh uh lol toodles90041: Thunder knows toodles90041: He's god riot_girl_xxx: he knows what lol toodles90041: he knows everything riot_girl_xxx: whats everything lol toodles90041: he knows your secrets and mine riot_girl_xxx: wow what are u his prophet? toodles90041: no riot_girl_xxx: lmfao riot_girl_xxx: well thudner wants to fuck me lmfao riot_girl_xxx: his words toodles90041: he's like that riot_girl_xxx: lmfao toodles90041: omg, so how many viewers you've got now? toodles90041: 30? riot_girl_xxx: 4 riot_girl_xxx: lol im picky toodles90041: aw, now i feel so special toodles90041: i have to start making my blog now toodles90041: before it gets late riot_girl_xxx: ok hun take care wahts ur link? toodles90041: http://www.chuys.blogspot.com toodles90041: hold up toodles90041: let me check toodles90041: im not sure, LOL riot_girl_xxx: lol toodles90041: yeah, that's the one riot_girl_xxx: lol ok thnx riot_girl_xxx: ill look for it toodles90041: lol toodles90041: not right now toodles90041: maybe in three hours riot_girl_xxx: ok lol toodles90041: or tomorrow toodles90041: LOL riot_girl_xxx: ok lol toodles90041: i have to edit your pic first toodles90041: LOL riot_girl_xxx: make it good lol toodles90041: yes i promise! riot_girl_xxx: lol k have a great night toodles90041: goodnight and thank you riot_girl_xxx: ty toodles90041: no, i thank you riot_girl_xxx: lol well ok then