Sunday, June 12, 2005

West Hollywood's Gay & Lesbian Pride 2005

Yeah... yeah... After talking to family about the 5.6 earthquake this morning, they invited me to go with them to the Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade in West Hollywood. (*batting eyelashes* hahaha!) We got there very late and we only saw the last three floats - this colorful float of balls, the Pepsi truck with this sexy chick on it, and this buff guy they call "Hunky Santa". The pink car was Paris Hilton's float -- the Grand Marshall. I also took a picture of these guys against the gay and lesbian people with their signs that say, "Sodomy is still against God's Law" and "The Bible God made marriage not Adam & Steve or Alice & Eve. Repent!!" Police were soon right there as the crowd was getting on them. And here's a guy in red shirt taking a picture of these girls in costumes. *pauses for a sec* (Are they real chicks?) It was an experience!