Saturday, July 30, 2005

Today is Txlifter's Birthday!

"Dude, it's alright to pig out on your birthday."

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thunder Sex Appeal Tees On Sale Now!

(Only for thewhitekneegrow.) (Only for thewhitekneegrow. Keep it cool man.) (Only for BeefGut.) (Chuysarazzi - coined by CopKilla.) (Only for VoodooItaliana.) (Wear this on your wedding day!) (Only for Txlifter.) (Sold over 2 Million on QVC.) (Only for Bruce AKA bodyunderconstruction4_now.) (Only for Nightmoves.) (This is for you Killa!) (Only for Elise. This one is clean!) (Only for Elise. Needs washing!) (Only for Bunzy!) (Only for Bunzy!) (Only for Vasc. T-shirts are made from Pakistan.) (Only for PUNISHER! Keep on lifting dude!) (only for Landon! LOL) (Exclusively made for Gwennie) (Created by Shane only for Riot, and he actually sells this shirt.) (Only for Shane) (Only for Shane) (Only for Gypsy) (Limited Edition Riot Sporty Boy Fit Panty) (Exclusively made for Vasc! Out of stock.) (Shut Up! Whore - Buy one, Take 2) (Fataper tees available only in XXXL size.)

Mrs. Betty Garrison

Yahoo! ID: miss_sofonda_peters Real Name: Mrs. Betty Garrison Nickname: Up The Butt Betty Location: Mr. Mackeis bed Age: 42 Marital Status: Single And Looking Sex: No Answer Occupation: school teacher More About Me Hobbies: I like fucking 3 ailers at once. One up my in my mouth....and one in my brand new vagina. I also enjoy pulling tampoons out of my new pussy and trowing them at children Latest News: my new vagina!!! Favorite Quote: If you dont dont suck!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Buffnut2003's Online Painting Gallery

The other day Buffnut2003 told me that he liked the pictures I took from the museum. It was a suprise to me that he is into paintings and he paints! I wanna share to you some of his creations.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Gwennie's Trip to the Elvis Mansion

Yeah, yeah, yeah...she must have told every soul in the room about her trip to the Elvis mansion in Nashville, Tennessee. Yeah, Gwennie is a big Elvis fan since she was a kid. Well, this is what you guys don't know. I was with her...shhhh! And guess who we saw there -- Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt!!!