Monday, July 11, 2005

The Real World: ONLINE

You all know that if you are nice in the room, you get a chance to be on my blog. Landon went to bed early tonight so I'm doing this quick blog which I think is really funny.
Vasc Calls Someone a White Negro
vasc_jj: i hate chatting killabeeswarm: hey vasc u want some cheese to go with your whine? vasc_jj: killa i want some red wine vtaper2004: lol killa Justin: yeah ive seen them killa lol there good killabeeswarm: haha ur the one with all the whine so far killabeeswarm: vasc , if u had as many pricks comin outta u as u do goin in u , youd be a porcupine vasc_jj: riot girl has a new internet boyfriend vtaper2004: LMAO killa vasc_jj: kazz vtaper2004: vasc is some fake dude, we're thinking it's quadman killabeeswarm: chuys is a pimp vasc_jj: chuys is a homosexual Chuys90041: im a gay pimp killabeeswarm: ya but a homo pimp killabeeswarm: lol killabeeswarm: and ur his bitch vasc killabeeswarm: one of them killabeeswarm: haha vasc_jj: killa is looking for a internet girlfriend so he can massage his penis talking to her killabeeswarm: my penis can talk killabeeswarm: did ur mom tell u that vasc_jj: killa looks like a white negro vtaper2004: vasc you're such a dumbass killabeeswarm: have u seen a white negro vasc? vasc_jj: killa has put paddings in his shoulders to make him look broad killabeeswarm: haha ya thats why vasc_jj: yes killa i have seen u killabeeswarm: wheres ur pic vasc vtaper2004: he's got none because he's fake killabeeswarm: sorry for wearing gear vasc_jj: simplebeauty has seen my cam and pic killabeeswarm: is that spose to mean somethin to me lol vasc_jj: killa have u ever been raped on a football field? killabeeswarm: hmmm lost 44-2 2 weeks ago, that would count as a raping vasc_jj: killa is your boyfriend a negro? vasc_jj: riot girl is putting a dildo in and out of her pussy now killabeeswarm: hey pun whatsup .ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: sup killa .ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: nada jus chilaxing killabeeswarm: prob gonna take my white negro ass to bed i guess .ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: ha killabeeswarm: o nm , u missed the previous convo lol killabeeswarm: vasc_jj: killa looks like a white negro
Vasc Discriminates
vasc_jj: killa do u have a sister?
vasc_jj: all homosexuals should be shot dead
killabeeswarm: well ill shoot u vasc
vasc_jj: killa has your mother been raped?
5-4 muscles: vasc
yay: there you go is someone that sounds dumber than you do
5-4 muscles: don't be an idiot
yay: his name is vasc
hottiedudenyc: yay
hottiedudenyc: what did i say
hottiedudenyc: stfu
5-4 muscles: yay, no one is dumber than you
killabeeswarm: vasc, your a fuckin retard
hottiedudenyc: lol 54
killavasc_jj: the bible says it is elegable to kill a homosexual because it against the will of god
hottiedudenyc: well said
yay: this is yahoo. whats the point of trying to act tough
vtaper2004: hey 5-4
vasc_jj: hi 5-4
5-4 muscles: hey taper
killabeeswarm: do u mean the word eligible but u just are too stupid to spell it vasc?killabeeswarm: cuz i dont know wtf elegable is
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hurley of troy (miss_cali_girlie) joined the room
vasc_jj: i believe what jesus christ said that homosexuals should be killed where u find them
5-4 muscles: jesus never said that
killabeeswarm: jesus said that did he
yay: jesus is only fictitious..
vasc_jj: i am a strong christian white american i follows my ethics
killabeeswarm: go to hell yay
hurley of troy: ty pun
yay: vasc you sound so naive lol
killabeeswarm: take ur asshole friend vasc wit ya
5-4 muscles: yay, you can be stoned for saying that in an islamic country
yay: you believe in santa clause too?
metsgo (stashnut7) joined the room
yay: good job im not in an islamic country
killabeeswarm: id punch either of them clowns in their yellow teeth for their comments
5-4 muscles: good thing for you
vasc_jj: killa your mother is a prostitute which is wrong because the bible condemns prostitutes
yay: you guys are losers. up this late on yahoo having stupid fights about nothing
vasc_jj: i read the bible every day it makes me strong in ethics
killabeeswarm: youd think he was in an islamic country being as the way he was jus blowin the last turban that was in here after hottie told him to stfu
yay: and youre all old too
yay: you need girlfriends
yay: or in 5-4's case, a boyfriend
5-4 muscles: oh yeah...agist
smeton_yea_im_smeton joined the room
5-4 muscles: and a homophobe
hottiedudenyc: yay
hottiedudenyc: why r u still talking
5-4 muscles: you only stick up for islamofascists
hottiedudenyc: i told u twice
hottiedudenyc: stfu
hottiedudenyc: cant u read?
killabeeswarm: more like why is he still breathing
vasc_jj: killa u terrorists have attacked london because your religion teaches to kill but u will be captured and killed
yay: what are you gonna do hottie?
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yay: e-punch me?
yay: lol
vtaper2004: yay get a're proabably a man too
5-4 muscles: you are such an idiot yay
killabeeswarm: haha im a terrorist vasc
yay: who said i wasnt, vtaper?
killabeeswarm: if i was id kill u pretty quick
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vtaper2004: says your'e female in your profile
dvldogg187 joined the room
yay: my profile is also in a language that i dont even know
smeton_yea_im_smeton: sup
vtapervtaper2004: sup
smentonsmeton_yea_im_smeton: hows the bodybuilding going
vtaper2004: yeah yay
ENGLISHi_own_riot_girl_xxx joined the room
vasc_jj: i hate jews they murdered jesus christ
vasc_jj: jews are very evil religion they are terrorists
yay: he beleives in jesus christ
vasc_jj: i am a strong white christian american
yay: anywho
yay: this room is lacking
vtaper2004: then leave yay
vasc_jj: killa your sister is mine
killabeeswarm: because of ur stupid mouth yay
killabeeswarm: have the bitch
killabeeswarm: lol
yay: one step ahead of you
pork_pork_and_more_pork: yay would defile me if she ate me
vasc_jj: killa i will deflower your sister
killabeeswarm: ok
vtaper2004: vasc you're such a loser
killabeeswarm: if u can convince my parents to reconcile and have a daughter, feel free to deflower her
vasc_jj: vtaper u are fat and ugly riot girl has said that many times
smeton_yea_im_smeton: waddup
pork_pork_and_more_pork: also vasc, you're an idiot
IRON (iron_4_life) joined the room
vtaper2004: yeah coming from a fake...waht a loser, get a life vasc
vampatlantiss: 5-4
stashnut7 left the room
5-4 muscles:
vasc_jj: vtaper i am hot but u are fat bully
vtaper2004: hahahaa we've seen you vasc, you're fake
vasc_jj: 5-4 is has more muscles than u vtaper
vascryanloves69 (ryanloves69) joined the room
vtaper2004: vasc no one cares about fakes in here, take the next train out
vasc_jj: white choclate has more muscles than u vtaper
smeton_yea_im_smeton left the room
vtaper2004: not by much, and white chocolate as you call him also wears lipstick like a flower
vasc_jj: vtaper did u say white choclate is a homosexual?
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musclesat60 (mikepa1945) joined the room
vtaper2004: ok i'm going to bed, this is boring...the only other person talking is a fake
hurley of troy: later taper!
vtaper2004: nite hurley
killabeeswarm: cya taper
5-4 muscles: bye taper.
vasc_jj: vtaper i had anal sex with your fiance
vtaper2004: no pun pussy is you
vtaper2004: cya killa, 5-4
vasc_jj: hurley of troy what do u think of anal sex?
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: you are what you eat
vtaper2004: at least i get some pun...yours dumped you
ryanloves69 left the room
hurley of troy: ugh pun
daisy_au_41 joined the room
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: what hurly
vasc_jj: hurley of troy is a fake
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: im not talking shit to yuo
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: no shes not vasc
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hurley of troy:
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: you are what you eat
hurley of troy: yes i am a man
killabeeswarm: lol
hurley of troy: no wait, a bot
killabeeswarm: im a cyborg
hurley of troy: cool
5-4 muscles: it must be late...I keep forgetting who's fighting with whom
hurley of troy: we're all fakes
vasc_jj: hurley of troy vtaper said u are a man
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: lol that was funny hurly
killabeeswarm: half man - half machine
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: you know it
hurley of troy: now lets move on
vampatlantiss: hurley you write like a chick
vtaper2004: lol
vampvampatlantiss: i go by the way ppl write
vampatlantiss: i know
hurley of troy: no vamp i am a male
hurley of troy: lol
vampatlantiss: nope
vasc_jj: vamp u write like a transvessite
Matt (azmatt65) joined the room
killabeeswarm: vessite?
vampatlantiss: thanks u vasc\\
killabeeswarm: lol
hurley of troy: i'm going to start writing like quadman
vtaper2004: hahahaaaa
hurley of troy: vasc why are you gay
hurley of troy: lol
vtaper2004: how are you going to write like rodney the retard
hurley of troy: taper why are you gay
hurley of troy: lol
vtaper2004: lol
vampatlantiss: vasc you write like an ostrich in heat
vtaper2004: lol
hurley of troy: vamp why do you suck
hurley of troy: lolvasc_jj: hurley of troy is your anus clean for anal sex?
hurley of troy: lmao vamp
vampatlantiss: vasc need to stick winnie in ostrich butt
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: hurly you forgot me
vtaper2004: no vasc, she's always forgetting to wipe..lick away
vasc_jj: is ostrich butt tight?
hurley of troy: pun why are you a homo
vampatlantiss: vasc talks to much of anal
April (swimmergirl089) joined the room
vtaper2004: vamp it's because vasc likes anal
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: awwe hurly
vampatlantiss: i suppose vasc
vtaper2004: just on himself
hurley of troy: that's cuz he always takes it up the ass vamp
mohamedibrahim75 joined the room
hurley of troy: lol
vasc_jj: vamp is ostrich butt tighter than your ass?
buffedupmaria joined the room
hurley of troy: you know, vasc kind of sounds like quad
vampatlantiss: ostrich butt probably
vampatlantiss: looooooooool
vampatlantiss: quad havent seen him around
vasc_jj: vtaper=hurley of troy
hurley of troy:
hurley of troy: i'm taper now
hurley of troy:
vtaper2004: lol vamp that's because he's too busy with his other names
vtaper2004: lol
swimmergirl089 left the room
vasc_jj: nobody has seen hurley of troy on cam
vtaper2004: you know vasc could be thunder...remember how he was bashing yout he other night hurley
hurley of troy: taper you can't talk when i talk, we're the same person
vampatlantiss: first i thought it was pun playing around hmm
vtaper2004: because he lost the bet and wouldn't go on cam for you?
buffedupmaria left the room
hurley of troy: yeah
hurley of troy: i know
vtaper2004: nah vamp, pun isn't that bright to be too people...he's barely smart enough to play one idiot
5-4 muscles: where is quadman's profile?
vasc_jj: i am only vasc this is my only id ,gwennie and simple saw my cam too
vampatlantiss: vtap
vasc_jj: white choclate vtaper is saying u are a idiot
vtaper2004: lol i kid i kid pun
mohamedibrahim75 left the room
vampatlantiss: hahahaha
vtaper2004: vasc he can read.....retardvasc_jj: white he is saying u are a retard.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: its ok vasc...i can get by on my looks if thats the case.....vt is jus a bitter fat man
scribblehead40 joined the room
scribblehead40: who wants to talk curling
vasc_jj: vt is a fat bully
vtaper2004: sorry dude, far better looking than can't even get by on yor prince look a like looks dude
hurley of troy: taper, have you ever seen a cell eat
hurley of troy: cells eat and drink
joh_hemberger joined the room
hurley of troy: thought i'd share
vtaper2004: no hurley is it sexy?
scribblehead40: yeah that would be fun
hurley of troy: it's intersetingvtaper2004: lol
hurley of troy: lol
vampatlantiss: lol
joh_hemberger: morning y'all
joh_hemberger: hey Vampy
vampatlantiss: joh
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: vt post a clear pic...were ur not hiding behind britney dolls....then yo can talk shit
vasc_jj: hurley must be fat she likes fat vtaper
joh_hemberger: Daisyyyyyyyyyyyyy
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: dont think anyone has seen you with out a shirt vt
vtaper2004: pun it's a chat room....dont' get your lipstick all worked up
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: now thats a fact
vasc_jj: vtaper why are u raping the britney dolls?
hottiedudenyc: vtaper and puny just kiss and makeup u flowers
vampatlantiss: hottie
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: hottie stfu for now
vtaper2004: dude, speaking of flowers, STFU
hurley of troy: hottie
vasc_jj: hottie why did jews kill our jesus christ?
vampatlantiss: leave hottie alone
hottiedudenyc: vtaper quit tryin to be like puny
hurley of troy: vasc has to be quad...come on
hurley of troy: lol
hottiedudenyc: u flower
vtaper2004: i dont' try to be like anyone, i'm a leader
vtaper2004: you flower
hottiedudenyc: lol
*~Blossy~*: back
hottiedudenyc: leader of the fatties
vasc_jj: hurley i have a cam fat woman
vtaper2004: wb smooooooth
vampatlantiss: blossy
*~Blossy~*: ty
hurley of troy: okay vasc
5-4 muscles: hey blossy
*~Blossy~*: taperrrrrrr
*~Blossy~*: vapervasc_jj: i hate fat girls like hurley
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: bloss vt is hotter them me
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: did you know that ?
vtaper2004: lol pun, EVERYONE knows that
vampatlantiss: all these flowers in here blossy,flower,daisy...
vtaper2004: so dont' even start
*~Blossy~*: quadman has no profile
*~Blossy~*: I just checked my list
vtaper2004: rodney the retard gave up his profile?
*~Blossy~*: and it is actually roddney1111
vasc_jj: if hurley is not a fat girl why does she not go on cam?
vtaper2004: hmmm
vampatlantiss: brb
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blanche_c2004 left the room
jjt_bicep left the room
hurley of troy: like i care to sit there and entertain fat assholes like you vasc
hurley of troy: who is vasc, taper
vtaper2004: lol hurley
vasc_jj: i am very sexy hurley
hurley of troy: riiiiiiiiight
vasc_jj: hurley simplebeauty saw me
vtaper2004: i'm thinking vasc is thunder hurley based on how he's insulting you like thunder did the other night after losing that bet
vtaper2004: lol we all saw you vasc, you're fake
hurley of troy: lol
vtaper2004: you had a picture of an ugly paki and claimed it was you
hurley of troy: vasc why are you gay
vasc_jj: thunder said hurley of troy is a fat girl
hurley of troy: lol
vtaper2004: lol
metsgo (stashnut7) joined the room
vasc_jj: i will put my pic back up u can see how i look ,fat bully will be jealous
hurley of troy: now i know you're lying, thunder would have misspelled one of those wordsvtaper2004: LOL hurley
hurley of troy: get off it vasc you have a face only a mother could love
vtaper2004: lena says that thunder only misspells deliberately
vasc_jj left the room
vtaper2004: i heard his mom rejected him too hurley
vasc_jj joined the room
hurley of troy: he's doesn't much in pm...but hen he does it's hilarious
April (swimmergirl089) joined the room
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5-4 muscles: vasc, are you thunder using minuscule letters?
.lena will break your legs. (lenka_penka1008) joined the room
*~Blossy~*: lenaaaaa
vtaper2004: wb lena
.lena will break your legs.:
5-4 muscles: hey lenks
5-4 muscles: lenka
vasc_jj: hurley and lenka penka are the same ,hurley left and lenka penka cam in quickly
.lena will break your legs.:
vasc_jj: lenka penka i caught u
.lena will break your legs.: that's some funny shit
.lena will break your legs.: so clever
.lena will break your legs.:
*~Blossy~*: lena was helping me ty
swimmergirl089 left the room
vasc_jj: hurley left then immediately lenka penka came
.lena will break your legs.: i'm so annoyed, i can't drink any tea because of my stupid wisdom teeth
.lena will break your legs.: lol, yes because we aren't in here at the exact same time
.lena will break your legs.: ALL THE TIME.
lena will break your legs.: don't be stupid
vtaper2004: LOL
5-4 muscles: use your front teeth for tea, not the back ones
vtaper2004: stupid is vasc's last name... vasc jj stupid
.lena will break your legs.: i can't control where the liquid goes
stashnut7 left the room
.lena will break your legs.: 5-4 i sound like kathleen turner right now
5-4 muscles: she has a weird accent somehow
*~Blossy~*: taper, wedding getting close, you getting the nerves yet?
.lena will break your legs.: no i mean my voice is that deep right now
.lena will break your legs.: it's so sore
vtaper2004: nope, just excited, i can hardly keep still, lol
vtaper2004: i did the seating plans tonight
.lena will break your legs.: make everyone sit on the floor...there, it's done!
vtaper2004: lol
*~Blossy~*: I can't wait until the 22 to get the hell out of here for a few
5-4 muscles: yeah, I knew you meant that, but she does have a strange accent to my ears
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: 4 days till wedding and hes online
.lena will break your legs.: it is a bit weird
vasc_jj: i have full doubts now that lenka and hurley are the same
vtaper2004: as i recall prairie was online 2 days before his..hmmm
lena will break your legs.: pun
vtaper2004: i didn't know there was a law taht states you must NOT use the internet so many days before a wedding, lol
*~Blossy~*: lena
.lena will break your legs.: yes'm?
*~Blossy~*: pun sees no pic
vasc_jj: vtaper when are u getting married so i can come and fuck your fiance?
.lena will break your legs.: omfg
.lena will break your legs.: KILL ME
vtaper2004: lol pun.
lena will break your legs.: you saw it right?
*~Blossy~*: lmao
*~Blossy~*: yes
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: let me check
*~Blossy~*: hahahaha
.lena will break your legs.: pun you'd better see it
5-4 muscles: once I saw prairie leave, then rugby enter quickly
.lena will break your legs.: or i will KILL YOU
5-4 muscles: I think they are the same person
.lena will break your legs.: wait, that means they're hte same person!
vtaper2004: hahaha they must be the same guy
vtaper2004: they married each other
vtaper2004: i've seen pun leave and a bot enter..that must mean pun's a bot
vasc_jj: lenka has multiple personalities
.lena will break your legs.: and today's personality is kathleen turner
.lena will break your legs.: hello dahling
5-4 muscles: :=P
5-4 muscles:
.lena will break your legs.: didnt i?
.lena will break your legs.: lol
*~Blossy~*: taper
vtaper2004: the only roles kathleen turner can get these days is playing MEN
vtaper2004: yes smoothy?
*~Blossy~*: quad must have a new disguise
*~Blossy~*: he pmed me
vtaper2004: he has many disguises
vtaper2004: lol
5-4 muscles: that's like the opposite of yahoo
*~Blossy~*: and wanted to know how to delete a profile
.lena will break your legs.: lots of people have disguises, and i know most of them
.lena will break your legs.:
*~Blossy~*: few weeks back
vtaper2004: who is that loser buffdaddy4u..he keeps hitting on me
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: ok i saw the pic
.lena will break your legs.: good
.lena will break your legs.: i would have killed you pun
.lena will break your legs.: i swear lol
tom (tom312005) joined the room
5-4 muscles: I think buffdaddy was created for you, taper
buffnshreddedCrazy Nate (wavesurfer991) joined the room
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: i kid i kid
vtaper2004: lol probably 5-4
.lena will break your legs.: yeah i remember buffednshredded
5-4 muscles: I remember him, too
vtaper2004: i've heard of buffednshredded
vtaper2004: but i came around after he was gone from what i was told
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: i smell bullshit
daisy_au_41 . o O ( so obvious lmao )
*~Blossy~*: you remember that blonde girl
5-4 muscles: some guy in vancouver with the body and face of another guy in the tennessee, or somewhere
daisy_au_41: bingo pun lol
*~Blossy~*: she stole someones pic
vtaper2004: why did you diahrea in your pants again pun?
*~Blossy~*: fit something
*~Blossy~*: msfithans8181818 joined the room
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: vt why do you get so pissy when i talk about buffnshreded?Crazy Nate: i gotta do my workouts
vtaper2004: lol didn't that CHICk i wet panties come in with a pic..and then i busted her for stealing one from and then you said that was msfit smooth? lol
vtaper2004: pissy? saying i came in after is a COMMENT
GOODGUY: goodnite peopleeeeeeeee
5-4 muscles: goodnight good
*~Blossy~*: yes taper it was
vtaper2004: i've seent hat CHICk come back many times after, lol...even tried to hit on me toovtaper2004: lol
killabeeswarm: holy shiiiiiiiiiiiit its late
Alan...: that about as fucking funny as you claiming to be a bodybuilder
free2sk8daus: ?
free2sk8daus: me?vtaper2004: oh no claims here dude...but what i say is facts
hawkar_n87 left the room
Alan...: ohh?
blanche_c2004 left the room
free2sk8daus: who else body builds
metsgo (stashnut7) joined the room
Alan...: shut up, eat away your sorrows fuckhead
vasc_jj: white choclate vt said u are a ugly mexican
vtaper2004: lol who does a 4 hour countown do when they go to the gym
memahdi_riquelme left the room
vtaper2004: lol dipshit vasc is back with new material
free2sk8daus: so i guess i am the only one...
vasc_jj: white choclate i think vt looks uglier than a mexican
Alan...: sk8, its alright, he has a double chin
free2sk8daus: o.. ok
aspiringBB: i've been serious about 2.5 years freesk8
vtaper2004: i've been bbing for 8 years free
free2sk8daus: ive been serious 3 years...
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: vt looks like a fat white man
aspiringBB: there are others here more advanced
free2sk8daus: im 17...
Alan...: 8 years,,,
Alan...: LMAO
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: 8 yers !/!/!?!
vtaper2004: pun looks like a flower.....a tranny...the guy is a real life crying game
Alan...: ur a fucken funny one
corktownman left the room
Alan...: u got a fucken double chin, i can see the mayonaise fucker
vtaper2004: well i see this room is turning into a fight and a "i'm better than you" room again
vasc_jj: lol
vtaper2004: so i'm going to bed
vtaper2004: nite all
Alan...: good
free2sk8daus: peace bro...
killabeeswarm: cya
vasc_jj: vt u are full of mayonaise
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: no no vt....i jus dont like fakes
Alan...: dont midnight snack too much
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: i dont know why you act all high and mighty
vtaper2004: then don't be one real like the rest of us
.ITS PUNISHER YOU BIOTCH!!!.: you look like shit
vasc_jj: vt alan said u are a fat bully who eats maynaise
vtaper2004: LMAO@like shit...according to YOU loser...dude you don't look so hot yourself
vtaper2004: so dont' act like it
vtaper2004 left the room
aspiringBB: 8 years my ass
killabeeswarm: lol
Alan...: fuck off hes 19 man...
vasc_jj: vt is eating mayonaise since 8 years
aspiringBB: paying a gym membership for 8 years maybe. using it, i doubt it,
Alan...: ur like 40 something and have fat rolls on your neck
hetpowerlifter left the room
hetpowerlifter left the room
free2sk8daus: lolvasc_jj: vt thinks eating mayonaise is bodybuilding
free2sk8daus: how old is everyone?
killabeeswarm: lol
aspiringBB: i'm 34, late starter
killabeeswarm: 24
salohy1987 joined the room
vasc_jj: 28f
ree2sk8daus: shit
free2sk8daus: i feel young
aspiringBB: that's because you are
Chuys90041: omg, i left the room like an hour ago bec of all the fighting
free2sk8daus: serbmuscle left the room
Chuys90041: now im back and vasc is still talking shit
free2sk8daus: yeah
Chuys90041: LOL
aspiringBB: but don't worry, the mental age of this room is about 12 on a good day
killabeeswarm: haha there was some funny shit here chuys
aspiringBB: so you'll fit right in
salohy1987: taskan (orkaytaskan) joined the room
free2sk8daus: a little.. but i still have alot of time to spend at the gym..
Chuys90041: oh Killa, you'd be surprised
vasc_jj: chuys i think homosexuals should be executed
Chuys90041: i think so too, Vasc
Alan...: fuck that, chuys is rad
free2sk8daus: homos are gay...
Chuys90041: Alan!
killabeeswarm: if i read one more thing about fat rolls im gonna bust a gut laughin
salohy1987: ????? ??? ?? ?????
aspiringBB: a little bit of arabic font always cheers us up.
free2sk8daus: kick that guy out..
aspiringBB: thx salohy1987
Chuys90041: killa
free2sk8daus: he doesnt speak emglish
free2sk8daus: lol
free2sk8daus: english*
Alan...: bust a chin, in tapers case, killa?
gasalohy1987: ga
killabeeswarm: haha did u see chuys webpage
vasc_jj: chuys the bible mentions that homosexuals should be killed
salohy1987: ha
killabeeswarm: the contender
killabeeswarm: hilarious
salohy1987: ha
Chuys90041: no Killa
Chuys90041: im making a new one
killabeeswarm: o ya
Chuys90041: but fuck, it's going to take me like three hours to edit this one
killabeeswarm: keep me posted
salohy1987: no
Chuys90041: lol
free2sk8daus: that shits funny
Alan...: hey chuys, my uncle challenged me to a boxing match, i punched him into a barbeque
free2sk8daus: pleasing chicks in bed... *yank yank*
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killabeeswarm: haha
killabeeswarm: i almost knocked my uncle right the fuck out earlier
free2sk8daus left the room
Alan...: LOL
naeem_mansha2000: hi
Alan...: why do uncles always think there cool...
killabeeswarm: what an asshole that fella is
Alan...: 'uncle chuys?'
vasc_jj: chuys has given me a special place in his website i like chuys
killabeeswarm: i dunno , but mines a fat mouthy pussy
Chuys90041: shh vasc
Alan...: like taper?
killabeeswarm: reminds me of bam margeras dad, phil
Alan...: ohh, fuck that man
killabeeswarm: lol @ taper
Alan...: bam is rad
killabeeswarm: i never heard someone so fat tell people they are fake so much
Alan...: yeah
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