Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Institution

Elise as Rod Stewart Alan as Richard Sandrak Bunz = Linda Hamilton, Sweet PUNTA ALIAS PUNISHER Richard Simmons/Pun = Lou Diamond Phillips vtaper2004:=christian bale from batman begins Beefgut as Tim Robbins Simplebeauty played by Uma Thuman Lena as Glen Close/Christina Applegate blossom = nicole richie THE DECENT GUY: ALAN HIDE/RON SILVER OMG SHUT THE FUK UP: gay porn actor meaner as Whoopie Goldberg/or that bootilicious chick from Destiny's Child Socrates might also by played by Leonard Nimoy Muscle Babe as Chyna Deedle as Brooke Shields Supreme as Vin Diesel Muscle Babe as a monkey from local zoo in Las Vegas SMETON WILLBE PLAYED BY THE KID FROM HARRY POTTER Gwennie as Tinkerbell Mickey as Baldwin laser as Christopher Walken

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