Monday, August 29, 2005

Shane Rocks! Woohoo!

Looking great, Shane.
Nice tan, btw.
"Stop! Or I'll shoot your ass."


Anonymous said...

mmmmmm im just going to keep this link on fav chuys man is soooo sexy and im lucky as hell to have him :)...anyone who doesnt know shane, he has a personality to match his sex
appeal...i love u baby muahhh!!

Shane's Baby

~* Faith *~ said...

omg riot you almost made me hurl with all that lovey dovey crap *grins* I'll admit... hes got a great personality. and he aint to bad to look at.*winks* lol.. but just for the record I dont mean that in an incest way!.... *Shudders* .. ya know I love ya like a bro shane!

Voodoo said...

Shane is a lefty!!! Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Hey shane brother, love the Ball Bearing gun, makes you look tough...

Anonymous said...

hey cool pic shane and funy well hope you and your gurl have fun in life cuz she deserved someone to care about her don't lose her aight