Friday, September 30, 2005

Feature Bodybuilder of the Week

Congratulations Shellie Petty!
Our very own "Tits" competed in the Venice Beach Championships on September 5, 2005. She walked away with a 1st place trophy in Women's Heavyweight and 2nd place in Women's Masters.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Fall of Fat Taper

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 00:04:07 +0100 (BST) From: "elise gibson"
Subject: Taper convo To: "Chuys" ,,, vtaper2004: hi
elise_19822003: dont fuckin smile im mad
elise_19822003: seriously tho, u can b aserious prick sometimes
vtaper2004: so so can a lot of other people
vtaper2004: i just don't like being tied to every arguement in here and someone saying its always me, which is totally NOT true
vtaper2004: and btw..i have reason to not be nice to ashley..she did steal a still from my cam and gave it out to people last year, she's the one who started the whole fataper thing
elise_19822003: well stay out of it, dont get involved, if some1 tried 2 pull u in say i dont wanna know, not roclet science
elise_19822003: *rocket vtaper2004: actually since i've gotten back from my honeymoon i've stayed out of a lot of arguements and somehow it's my fault
vtaper2004: i'm sick of it frankly
elise_19822003: u did start it with ashley earlier, dont deny it, u did
vtaper2004: seriously if i wasn't so well liked i wouldn't be chatting here anymore
vtaper2004: i know i amitted i did elise_19822003: well v i was being serious when i said ppl had pms me saying they were sick of ur shit
vtaper2004: well i'm sorry but i don't believe you on that one, i'm honest, i dont' start shit
elise_19822003: v i swear on my daughters life, im telling u the truth
vtaper2004: again i don't believe you, if sooo many people were sick of my shit? why am i so popular? kinda a let's drop that one elise_19822003: no taper, lets not, because i know its true, but i wouldnt go naming ppl coz thats not fair, i dont tell every1 things that ppl tell me
vtaper2004: well it's not so let's drop it, i don't believe you...i mean if soooo many people disliked me i wouldnt' be here, i'm not stupid
vtaper2004: and i don't start or cause much shit in here, there are many that are much worse than me
elise_19822003: oh taper taper taper, when r ya gonna learn?
vtaper2004: i already have thanks vtaper2004: i'm a very intelligent person i know if someone likes me or not, even in a chat room
elise_19822003: newsflash hon, ur not as intelligent as u think u r then
vtaper2004: whatever, and that's not even funny
elise_19822003: it wasnt meant 2 b funny, its true
vtaper2004: you know i've been told that before...but see no one names who is it? hottie? loser daisy? biggest bitch on yahoo...hardrock..he's fake anyway so who cares...
vtaper2004: it's not true
vtaper2004: i'm quite shocked you would lie like that though...hmm but oh well i still like you elise_19822003: no lol none of those, i told u, dont ask me 2 name ppl coz i wont, they come 2 me all the time telling me ur being a prickvtaper2004: uh huh
elise_19822003: u know im right lmao
vtaper2004: no i don't actually you're wrong, i'm too well liked...sorry
elise_19822003: omfg u r sooooooooooooooooooooo in denial, do u know how many ppl have sent me pics of u ffs taper, get a grip slap yaself boy ur dreaming vtaper2004: pics? there's ONE on my profile...oh yeah and the one that ashley stole and distributed A YEAR AGO i could care less
vtaper2004: ooo a year old pic i look nothing like that now so really it doesn't bother me, it's just sad people still think it's me...when clearly it's not...
elise_19822003: well ok then, go on cam now, show me
elise let's agre to disagreevtaper2004: umm pic in's from my honeymoon
elise_19822003: no beacuse im right & u know it elise_19822003: yeah u look fat as fuck in it 2 lmao as tits says, chicken fat floatin in the water ya turd vtaper2004: right about what?
vtaper2004: no if you say people are sick of me and dont' like me, no you're not right
elise_19822003: that ppl talk about u
elise_19822003: yes i am!
vtaper2004: yeah in a good way
vtaper2004: most people say nice things about me actually i could care less what a small percentage says
vtaper2004: there's enough people that chat here
elise_19822003: no taper in a bad way, very bad u should hear some of the shit, ive defended u many times
vtaper2004: uh huh elise_19822003: BIg perventage hon
vtaper2004: no sorry you'd be wrong
vtaper2004: and i dont' have time for this lie
vtaper2004: i'm going to work byeelise_19822003: im right & u know it
elise_19822003: vtaper2004: no you're wrong, and frankly i'm srurprised at you vtaper2004: oh well i guess you dont' really know people
elise_19822003: RIGHT
vtaper2004: if you say so...i sure didn't and won't
elise_19822003: oh i know ppl, trust me
elise_19822003: RIGHT HAHAHAHA

Friday, September 16, 2005

Feature Bodybuilder of the Week

"My name is TERRY GALLYOT and was born in the historical city of Malacca, Malaysia on the 17th of July,1969. I’m Eurasian -- a mix of French, German, Chinese and Siamese. As a kid, I have always been fascinated by such powerful physiques owned by bodybuilders that I have seen in magazines and television, and it then dawned upon to look like my idols. Back in 1987, at the age of 17, I decided to start weight training. I have never looked back since and have won numerous bodybuilding titles from state to national and even international levels. Then, in 1991, I accomplished yet another one of my ambitions, and that was to own my own gym, hence the establishment of ULTIMATE GYM. Here, I offer proper programs and facilities to all my clients, whatever their objectives may be. As to where will I be a few years from now? To turn pro and promote my own bodybuilding shows not forgetting, expanding ULTIMATE GYM."

To know more about Terry Gallyot, visit his website

Friday, September 09, 2005

Help the Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina has blazed a trail of devastation throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Across the Gulf Coast, Katrina engulfed thousands of homes and decimated the landscape in what could become the most destructive storm in U.S. history. Victims are stranded and in need of immediate medical care, food and water, and tens of thousands of people will need temporary housing for months.
Help people affected by this storm by making a donation today.
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Monday, September 05, 2005

Muscle Beach Championship - Labor Day '05

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