Saturday, October 15, 2005

Authorities Mistake Burned Mansion For 'Batman' Manor PASADENA, Calif. -- Holy close call, Batman! The mansion that was destroyed by fire Wednesday night was not used for the "Batman" television series. At first, authorities in Pasadena thought the house that burned was the one used as Wayne Manor in the television show. It turns out that house is down the street from the one that burned. And, it's still there. The 21-room house that burned had been used in "Hollywood Homicide," "Just Married" and "Rocky V." It was being remodeled at the time of the fire. Note: The "Wayne Manor" mansion seen in the "Batman" TV series was located in Pasadena. Some false reports put the series taping at 160 S. San Rafael Avenue, the home that was burned and the same impressive home where scenes from movies have been shot. But the "Batman" TV series was actually shot farther down the street, at 380 S. San Rafael).

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