Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Yay! Good Job Brah!


Voodoo said...


Anonymous said...

chuys got the tshirt printing wrong..the title is supposed to say FATTYSMC donuts. we'd like you to change it chuys.

-the regs

Anonymous said...

chuys why do you do this shit...we're supposed to be friends. we'll not no more dude. i just think it's funny when people do this kind of shit considering i'm not fat in the least. have fun with your little blog, you no lifer

Anonymous said...

oh by the way to the group of you that wrote that comment about it being smc that should be there thanks, i know i can count on the regs

Anonymous said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAA! FATTAPER we all know it was YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU, on here once again attempting to portray yourself as person who has friends...hahahaha! BULLSHIT! If any REAL "REG" as you put it, were here in your defense, certainly they would at least POST their name...FROM "THE REAL REGS"

Anonymous said...

LMAO@we all, how pathetic. a lot of people post anonymously..just like the last post. i'm so sick of the shit that goes on in this room. I just laugh it off though because i know who i am and i know i'm not fat at all. thanks everyone for your support, and to the one liar that posted as "the real regs" get a life. you're the only one that thinks that other post was me.


OMG, hahahhaa! I especially LOVE the tee-shirt for Fattaper's wife. Its about time she get a chance to express herself about her FAT husbands obesity.

Real Reg # 24 said...

Mr. Fattaper, as an avid reader of news periodicals and marketing reports I was heart broken to see that Krispy Kreme Doughnuts had to close up shop in many of it's locations.

I can only imagine how you, being there spokesperson must have taken this blow. The up side is that Dunkin' Donuts is planning expansions in the Canada area soon, so you will not be without your vice for too long.

As for now though, we all feel for you. Krispy Kreme did state that they will be offering free 12 step based programs to their more dedicated consumers, of which I am sure you will qualify.

So, for you Fattaper, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Or at least donuts in your future. I'll bet you like the jelly filled ones the best, as they are sloppy and messy just like your body is. Oozing with grease and sugars.

Have a great day!!! And remember, all of us love and support you, (we "regs" anyway)...HAAAAAAAA!

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Fattaper, as an avid reader of news periodicals and marketing reports I was heart broken to see that Krispy Kreme Doughnuts had to close up shop in many of it's locations. ETC ETC"


Sexy Real Reg #69 said...

Looks like Vtaper is finally getting a dose of his own medicine. Awwww! You guys take it easy on him though. Afterall you may end up being his motivator to actually lose weight someday. Well Taper, all I can say is good old karma has come back on you and is here to kick you in your tushy. Enjoy the bed you have made for yourself to lie upon. :)


Note to all "REAL" regs that post here. You can now simply enter your assigned REG numbers here when you post and other "REAL" regs can identify you this way.

I mean why risk blowing cover on someone like FATTAPER who we all know has like the sum of all his fingers on his left hand of friends, minus about three.

This is not a mandate just merely a suggestion to protect your anonymity and that of the other 172 and ascending "REAL" regs who currently visit our room. Have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

to "real reg 69 aka lying coward" own medicine? please, MOST regs know i'm a nice person and know that i dont' have weight to lose. what pathetic statements. get lives people. i love how no one reveals themsevles either. I don't deserve this treatment at all but really i just laugh at it since i know it's all bullshit. And to the other coward "reg administrator" i'm sure you're some total jealous loser with no friends so you have to say others have no friends to make yourself feel better. geta life dork.

reg #24 lol - (mark) said...

this is so funny but i have 1 question - which is most fat? fatapers head - his mouth - or his big gut?

Deb (i forgot my # tho ? said...



O-taper is putting pics of his wife in the room again hee hee. Just thought I would let you know sweets since ur not around today. See ya soon ...muahhhhh - Debbbers :~

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out that Fattaper used to be an actor. He portrayed Jabba the Hut in Star Wars, and then his later credits inspired the character FAT BASTARD for the Austin Powers movies.

We would all like to take a moment of silence to commend you O' Holy Fat Man, and congratulate you on your many successes as an obese role model.

I am sure your wife and future children are proud of you. Was wondering, can you still see your feet to even tie your shoes, or any of your other PARTS down there? Or would it be that the over hang of a multitude of greasy jelly filled donuts has gotten the better of you?

BTW...I really pray you and the wifey poo don't plan on having children. I mean not at least until you can come to terms with all your lies and deceptions. You will be their biggest role model. And when I say BIG, I mean BIIIIGGGG!

This world is already filled with way too much obesity. People's bodies, and then those with mouth's that spew harmful, hurtful words to innocent "TRUE HARD WORKING" people like you tend to practice on a regular daily basis.

You should really consider detoxifying yourself Fattaper. For it is not too late! Aside from the sugars, greases, and fat in your body that you've ingested, consider the poisons that your childhood beatings or whatever anger you seem to harbor deep inside you that manifests itself in our chat room each time you enter in that comes so compulsively out of your mouth at the least little challenge.

Who knows, the REAL REGS may even end up backing you if they see a sincere effort on your part to really make a change at bettering yourself as a human being. That is all, you may go now.

Anonymous said...

thing is i'm a great person and most of the regs know this, i have no weight to lose.. these posts are pathetic and i'm not bothering with this shit anymore

reg #24 MARK said...

Fat taper i had no idea u r an actor. I hear SNL is hiring for a Chris Farley replacement. lol

Anonymous said...

Hmmm? So Fattaper, you claim to be such a nice person. That EVERYONE loves and supports you. Let's review and see just how NICE you are. (Which BTW, will prove what a liar you are, which also means you lie about absolutely everything of yourself.)

vtaper2004: at least horsedaisy had the brains to leave and not come back where she's not wanted
vtaper2004: shane's a retard and a pussy
vtaper2004: who's fat taper? i LOVE it when that fat pig
calls someone else fat, lol
vtaper2004: i've seen shane he's borderline anorexic
vtaper2004: very little muscle at all
vtaper2004: you're retarded shane, you're rude you're mean you're insulting, you boot
people...shall i go on?
vtaper2004: fattysmc has MANY psychological problems..being a fat pig is one of them
vtaper2004: LMAOOOO tits is getting HUMILIATED
vtaper2004: tits is a coward
vtaper2004: fattysmc the only room you should be in is the WEIGHT WATCHERS room
vtaper2004: fattysmc go choke on another donut
vtaper2004: LMAOO@no one..umm shane RETARD...no one wants YOU in this room...in fact we took
a vote and you were here, LOOOOOOL
vtaper2004: shane i think it's time for you to leave
vtaper2004: go beat your dad up or something
vtaper2004: just dont' chat here anymore
vtaper2004: LOL like you're so powerful tits
vtaper2004: i mean i've been humiliating shane for months now
vtaper2004: he's got to be the biggest loser to ever come in here, seriously
vtaper2004: he makes fattysmc look cool, lol and that's har
vtaper2004: 13% bodyfat isnt' fat....now fattysmc's 40% that's FAT
vtaper2004: shane you don't even own the pakis that come in here
vtaper2004: you're pathetic
vtaper2004: shane NO ONE likes you take the hint you total retard
vtaper2004: it's kinda ironic when tits and shane fight though..the two most disliked
people having it out, lol
vtaper2004: fattysmc get a life...again you don't call others fat when you're obese
like yourself...just embarasses yourself
vtaper2004: and you have a penis too tits, what's your point?
vtaper2004: well faith like i said...there are about 3 people that cause 99% of the
probs...shane, tits and fattysmc if those 3 left the room would be A LOT better
vtaper2004: myself? lol i dont' cause nothing but happiness
vtaper2004: LMAO@fattysmc go eat another dozen donuts
vtaper2004: he doesnt' even know what a gym or a diet is
vtaper2004: what size BRA do you wear now for those udders fattysmc?
vtaper2004: lol i love how fattysmc embarasses himself daily in here
vtaper2004: a number of us laugh our asses off at him
vtaper2004: fattysmc has been an embarassment all his life, that's
why he has to make up so many lies
vtaper2004: and why he's so obese, he eats to fight depression
vtaper2004: fattysmc seriously you're a joke
vtaper2004: everytime you open your mouth we have to laugh
vtaper2004: i guess fattysmc forgets the humilation session last week when at least 10 people
humiliated his ass it was classic, never seen anything like itin a chat room
vtaper2004: and all deserved
vtaper2004: most of the regs do...though a couple dont' want to admit it
vtaper2004: LMAO@fattysmc now calling someone dumb when we know he's a complete moron
vtaper2004: and a liar, and a fat pig
vtaper2004: do you even have a life fattysmc? i mean aside from the lies you tell...
vtaper2004: faith i'd put you on ignore but i'm too busy laughing at the shit you spew, lol
vtaper2004: no actually that was original i guess you can't read
vtaper2004: now dont' talk to me
vtaper2004: wow fattysmc finally shut up and it's like eveyrone went into shock, lol
vtaper2004: he actually stopped being an ass for two mintues
vtaper2004: yeah a bitch fest first it was shane and tits then it was faith and fattysmc
vtaper2004: i wish we could start a new room and leave the problem people behind
vtaper2004: then there wouldn't be all this shit that goes on

Yes, if your tired of reading this POOP, stop it! I mean, hey dude, this all you ever do. You cease to ever have one thought of your own, you are rude, mean, cruel, and disgusting. If anyone needs to leave our room, hmmm again? Get a clue!

If you haven't figured this one out I will shed some light on it for you...people are simply nice to you because some people (most) in the room are nice. And polite too. You seem to mistake their courtesy for some fallacy that you are loved. Hahaha! WROOOOONG! Most people there have the patience to tollerate you being in the room. Thats about the extent however.

Patience is beginning to wear thin for you and your behavior. Your time is limited before you will be asked to leave. Even by those who you sickly believe LOVE you.

The bottom line is Fattaper, is that most people are only nice to you to spare your feelings. Even when you behave in a constant assanine manner.

So, enjoy your time, as it is limited. And for God's sake, lose some weight please. You could really contribute to the overpopulation problems of this world if you would just lose some weight.

No man deserves to take up an entire 3 rows of seats on an airplane. Handicap access can only be expected to accomodate one so far. The rest is up to you.

Lay off the donuts FATBOY!

REG ADMINISTRATOR (a.k.a reg#1) said...

OMG, You are all massacaring the poor fat guy. Looooooooooooool! It's a joy to wake up lately to come here and see El Lardo finally getting payed back. YAY! Keep up the great work...woo hoo! (Oh sorry VVVVVVVVVVVV <----j/k I really meant FFFFFFFFF Taper, if you are watching. I just couldn't help myself. Who gets the last laugh now? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Anonymous said...

yes a 225 pound bodybuilder with 13% bodyfat at best needs to lose weight? riiiight. And i love that editing in that conversation. It's sad the total losers of the room post things about the popular people because of jealousy. People like horsedaisy, fattysmc and tits will be asked to leave soon due to their negativity. This was proved on the year end awards in which 71 people voted.
some people are so sad, and cowardly you know who you are

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
thing is i'm a great person and most of the regs know this, i have no weight to lose.. these posts are pathetic and i'm not bothering with this shit anymore

9:07 PM

Once again you are a FAT SLOPPY DONUT EATING LIAR!!!!!!!!! Last night you claim, (let me copy and paste it for you EDITING..lol),

these posts are pathetic and i'm not bothering with this shit anymore

9:07 PM

Yet, here you are back again! It's no wonder you are FAT FATAPER, you have ZERO willpower. You cannot keep even the most simple terms of any of your statements. Go try and fool people elsewhere, we are all sick of you. Now, keep you word this time FATSO! And like you have been told by everyone, lay off the donuts!

Anonymous said...

Chuys, just to warn you, FATTAPER's site stats are now as follows: User Stats
On Blogger Since September 2005
Profile Views 92
OMG he is up to 92 views now. Compared to your 900...hahahahahaha. He put a pic of HIS WIFE, probably a blow up doll of his, on his profile claiming that its you...hahaha. I guess for those of us who REALLY know you, and have met you face to face, he is in for a real reality check. No worries though. We real regs are ready to just all start iggying him when he comes to our room. As you know, a complete room iggy has always constituted a boot from Yahoo. Yes, they made this specifically to rid their rooms of bots from early on. I guess his fatness hasn't figured that one out yet though. Ho hum...he will learn, the hard way. Love you Chuys!!!

Great blog you have bro. It never ceases to amaze any me and a few others that I chat with how you take the time to get out and about and share with all of us "LIFE" that many of us with less fortune can't quite make it to, with your reports and great pictures. From myself, and I would believe all of us REAL people, thank you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I would just like to point out that LARDTAPER will probably not post here today. He is hard @ work in his donut shoppe.......HAAAAAAAAA!

Anonymous said...

I love our room.........never a dull moment.

Horsedaisy (how come I never got the blame for all this?)

Anonymous said...

why should ya be blamed Daisy? lol, besides, everything said here except for any post by FATTAPER himself, is REAL, and true.

BTW, LARDTAPER, if soooooooooooo soooooooooo sooooooooo many REGS (cough, and holds my package while doing so) LOVE YOU....roflmao, hahahaha, omg so funny! Well, why aren't they on here in your defense? DING! WELL???? Yeah, I thought so. LIAR!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are all nuts!!!!!

These posts are as long as the Quaran...they probably came on a scroll before being entered onto the BLOG of Dr. Chubaka.

Why do I get the impression that when Fat Taper is chatting he is sitting on a brown leather loveseat naked with his arm around a 6 foot tall Tweety Bird Doll?

I wonder if Fat Tapers "frends" are inflateable too? So when he says they come over to watch a Hockey game he has the Skipper from Gilligans Island, Maxwell Smart, Superman and maybe Squidly Diddly? I can se it now ...Vtaper asking squidly diddly if Maxwell Smart could be a bodybuilder?

And speaking of TV shows....next year CBS has added a sitcom called "Everbody Loves Fat Taper" starring Ray Ramono. In the beginng Fat Taper trips over a small chair like Dick Van Dyke before he ends up on the couch with Tweety Bird.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Okay, I have really had this burning question for a long time now. Fattaper, if its true you are really married, when you and your wife are intimate, does she poke your fat belly just like the pop-n-fresh dough boy?

You must suffer from a severe case of dyslexia. Get it right! You are 31% body fat! Not 13% as you mistakingly state.

While I am on the subject of your weight problem, would any room regular like to take on the duty of making FATTAPER a proper diet so that he doesn't explode this Holiday season?

It would be a real pity for his blow up tweety doll that was mentioned in a previous post.

And OMG, that visual of the leather couch, ewwwww, thats just sick...hahahahaha!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If anyone was curious as to how the BIGGIANTGREASEFILLEDLARDYFATTTTTTAPER is behaving lately (who BTW claims to be such a nice, nice, polite person, let's once again review...from just tonight in the chat room..

vtaper2004: kathy's a man posing as a woman
vtaper2004: oh man this is entertaining and yet chuys isn't in the room to humiliate
vtaper2004: lol
vtaper2004: naw i think his mommy tucked him in for the night
vtaper2004: isn't that how much tits' charges for her "sessions" 5 bucks?
vtaper2004: yelena's ugly
vtaper2004: shane yelena is ugly and she's rude, not a nice person at all
vtaper2004: no ryan i like pretty much everyone
vtaper2004: it takes a lot for me not to like someone actually
vtaper2004: the only people i can't stand... are tits, horsedaisy, fattysmc and yelena, oh and mark
vtaper2004: seeing two vasc's makes my cock go a little bit hard
vtaper2004: mmmmmmmm

WOW! Isn't the FAT man impressive ladies and gentleman. Not one self derived thought of his own, and as per usual, not one nice thing to say. I am proud though to see that the FAT man is beginning to acknowledge his tendencies for the same sex as he stated in his own words above. Perhaps this is his first step in recovery. Have a great night all. ((((HUGS!))))

***And a very special hug and heartfelt snuggle to Tondalea, a beautiful woman that the idiots of the room are trying to attack. Glad to see you standing strong g/f !!!

Anonymous said...

From latsmann in PM horsedaisy you are PATHETIC i know half of those posts on chuys board are you

^^^^^^^Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I told you it was alllllllllllllll MY MY MY fault, I force feed him donuts too :)

Anonymous said...

Dear God...Today being Thanksgiving Day, as we prepare to partake in this abundant supper you have so gracefully provided us with. I would like to ask you that our FAT friend LARDTAPER doesn't explode from overeating. Lord, we know he is in Canada, and may not actually celebrate this particular holiday, but we all know he uses any excuses he can to wrap his greasy fingers and lips around donuts that he enhales in one large breath.
Thank you Father for blessing our food to our bodies, providing us vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to grow big and strong. To be even yet more supple body builders. And in Jesus name we thank you for blessing LARDTAPER's dounts as well. Amen!

someone who disagrees said...

To Daisy, First off, you are a very beautiful, intelligent, and kind lady. Please stop refering to yourself as "Horsedaisy". Nothing could be further from the truth. That is unless of course the reference is being directed to your stamina. If so...hmmmm? I am sure we would all like to know more about that!

Whoever Fatlat is, Lattsman (probably more like Latte man)is, Daisy isn't an aggressor and doesn't look to attack anyone. She will of course defend herself, as she has the brain power, wit, and courage to do so.
So Mr Fatsman, oops I meant Lattsman, go sell your bullshit elsewhere. F-off and have a Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I knew we could get The Fat Guy to shut his pie hole and quit posting here if we "REAL REGS" kept up our honest opinions.

Maybe we can carry this over tradition over to our room now and once and for all rid it of that fake FAT person.

Taper, I know you are watching. Yep, we all do. Don't go choking on your donuts now. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, even though I know you celebrate a month earlier in Canada than we do here in The USA.

I am sure you probably imposed the month earlier feasting too (some 120 years ago through your ancestry) as we all know you personally can't wait to be a glutton and as we are all sure your parents and the pyramid of relatives upward from you are just as FAT as you are if not even FATTER.

That's certainly one pyramid I would hate to be on the bottom of. Yikes! One question amid your donut scarfing activities....GOT MILK?

master_bait_ur234 said...

do you guys ever stop? wow..lol i was just coming here to pick on Otaper but i almost feel bad for him seeing how u have all dogged him out.

but what the hell :) Otaper I was listening to black eyed peas today while getting my workout on and think you should be the person in their video MY HUMPS. you can put your fat body in it and sing..lol

"What you gon? do with all that junk?
All that junk inside your trunk?
I?ma get, get, get, get, you drunk,
Get you love drunk off my hump.
My hump, my FATTY FATTY hump. my hump, my hump, my hump,
My hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely FATTY lumps. (Check it out)

does ur wife get jealous that ur FATTY LUMPS are bigger than hers are? brb..need to write to MTV about this idea..ur too ez 2 pick on. eliminate the problem by elminating UR PROBLEM (lose weight)

Anonymous said...

taper, i'm on your side man. i see the shit some people pull in there daily and you don't deserve it. i've seen youa nd you're not fat at all man and you give good tips in the room for other lifters. Judging by the things that are said in here and the fact that they're all "anonymous" i woulnd't put too much into it. It's probably just a couple losers with way too much time on their hands trying to make out that it's a lot. again i wouldn't bother, it's just bullshit.

reg#24 (marK) said...

FAT SLOB, if you think the anonymous comments are just a couple of losers, then stop posting anonymously! Okay Fattaper. You aren't fooling anyone. hahahaha....loser!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LMAO - at least change your style fatty, to gain SOME crediblity, your fake nicks and fake support group on here are laughable at best.........


Anonymous said...

daisy perhaps you should check out taper's blog, there's a lot about you in it and people aren't exactly being kind. a number of us have seen you insult others for no reason and your actions really have to start. making up lies about others isn't exactly giving you any credibility either. quit obsessing with taper already. it's enough.

Anonymous said...

Nice try fatty lol

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the BLOD of fat taper???? Didnt think so......

Interestingly fat boy posted his BLOD about Daisy, whome we all adore.....at 3:14. Now when you have fat fingers it takes a while to post so fat finger taper prolly finished at 3:18 or so. Then at 3:19 a comment was posted....then another at 3:19 (he was typing faster because he was excited). The at 3:21 a third post was made.

This is conclusive proof that would hold up in the supreme court that fat taper is talking to himself. That is entirely normal, a lot of people put up BLODS that nobody resds and post to themselves.

Dont drink the Kool Aid Fat taper.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read fatty's MONOlogue lol

Yer never alone with MPD (multiple personality disorder)


Anonymous said...

first of all i'm not here to defend taper, goodness knows he deserves some that he gets. but it's pretty obvious that daisy's got real problems. i used to be a friend of daisy's but have noticed what kind of person she really is. i see her multiple personalities are beginning to show too. sorry daisy i was your friend but you've gone too far. there's only so many insults one can give out before it makes you look like the bad guy.

Anonymous said...

Look, can you guys just leave me alone and pass me a couple boxes of donuts?


Anonymous said...

the last comment was not by me. i'm tired of this shit and it's the same 2 or 3 people making up all these lies on here. it's pretty sad and pathetic. i dont' eat donuts, and i'm not fat at all geeze. get lives people.

Anonymous said...

wow aside from the last post, i haven't bothered with this in over a week. And yet your'e still talking about me...i'm flattered really. Despite it all being lies and it's the same 4 people doing all the posting: fattysmc, daisy, mark and thunder. it's easy to tell really and we all know it's the 4 of you. it's kinda funny how the 4 biggest losers and liars in the room dont' have enough balls to reveal themselves (smc, daisy, mark, thunder). jealousy will get you guys nowhere though, happy posting.

PS if you're wondering where my "friends" are defending me, they have no need. they know all this is bullshit too and are above this. that's why you havent' seen me post in over a week either.

Anonymous said...

FATTYFATFATTAPER...the only reason you hadn't posted is because you were called out on your bullshit lies!!! And, as you stated way above that you (wait let me use your words here) "these posts are pathetic and i'm not bothering with this shit anymore "

yet as a LIAR that WE ALL know you are, you just can't keep your FAT greasy hands out of this...hahaha. FATTAPER, did you ever think to realize that a truely innocent person doesn't have to prove him or herself?

Your actions and words SHOULD be all that you need. Unfortunately, in your case, they never seem to quite match up and are a continual loop of monantonous B.S. Start telling the truth, start being nice, start being the decent human being you claim you are and amazingly if you begin to live your lie, something amazing will happen. Your actions will make them (all your lies) become your realities.

But...as for now, you are a PIG and a FAT SLOB. Let's see how long it takes you to repost this time....FAT LIAR !!!! Here let me countdown to your next entry...10, 9, 8, 7,......

Anonymous said...

BTW...just a tiny update here...profile view stats are in, the most recent count is:

chuys blog : 944
vtaper blog : 92

hmm, where are the REGS turning their eyes and loyal hearts to? I think the numbers speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

whoo hoo, looks like FATTY finally shut his BIG FAT MOUTH...YAY!!! (CLAPS) Now all we have to do is work on him in the room....lol. Easier said than done with his FAT arrogance.