Thursday, December 08, 2005

"Last Transmission" From Sagi

OK THIS IS LAST FINAL TRANMISSION FROM YOUR 3 YEAR LONG GOD OF MY BELOVED KINGDOM THE BB INSTITUTION ROOM OF YAHOO. I CHOSE TO WRITE THIS FINAL WORDS ON DR CHUBAKA'S BLOG SINCE I CONSIDER IT NUMBER 1 WHEN IT COMES TO THE BB KINGDOM IMPORTANT EVENTS. GOD HAS DECIDED AFTER 3 YEARS OF RULLING THE KINGDOM TO GIVE IT A QUIT DUE TO AN ENOURMOUS INTEREST IN HIS PRIVATE LIFE (ESPECIALLY DUE TO THE CONSISTENT MENTIONING OF HIS CAREER AND NAME)THE EMEAILS GOD RECIEVED TO HIS WEBSITE WERE WAY TOO MANY AND A GENERALSENSE OF STALKING WAS IN THE AIR. GOD COULD DEAL WITH THE EMAILS AND STALKING. GOD HAS DEALT WITH THEM FOR QUITE SOMETIME NOW (OVER 2 YEARS) BUT THE MAIN REASON GOD DECIDED TO RETIRE IS: 1) UPCOMING EVENTS IN 2006 INCLUDING LONG TIME ON THE ROADS COMPETING/GUEST SHOWS AND 2) A DIRECT WARNING THAT CAME TO GOD FROM TWO OF THE MAIN POWDER DISTRIBUTERS FROM ASIA TELLING GOD THEY DO NOT LIKE WHAT THEY SEE HIM DOING IN THE KINGDOM. NUMBER 2 IS THE MAIN REASON THAT GOD HAS DECIDED TO TAKE BIG $ OVER KINGDOM RULLING. NOW ENOUGH WITH THE GOD CRAP. I WILL SIMPLY STATE FACTS AS THEY ARE. MY NAME IS SAGI AND THOSE WHO NEED TO KNOW KNOW IT AND THOSE WHO DONT SIMPLY DONT. I BEEN WITH MOST OF YOU IN THE BB ROOM FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS AND LOVED JOKING WITH YOU. I FOUND OUT A LOT ABOUT MANY OF YOU. SOME GOOD THINGS AND SOME BAD THINGS. BUT IT WAS AWESOME BEING WITH YOU DURING MANY NIGHTS OF THE WEEK. I NEVER CAME INTO THE ROOM FOR NOTHING MORE THAN FUN. I DID AS I SAID LEARNED A LOT ABOUT LIFE FROM SIMPLE ONLINE CHAT ON YAHOO. I NEVER DONE IT BEFORE 2002 SO I NEVER KNEW WHAT IT WAS BUT I WAS FREE ONLINE AND COULD BE MYSELF WHICH IS VERY HARD IN REAL LIFE IN THIS BUSINESS. I THANK YOU FOR THAT. I WOULD LIKE TO SAY FEW WORDS ABOUT THE BB ROOM PEOPLE IF I MAY SO YOU KNOW WHAT I LEARNED AND I WILL KEEP IT WITH RESPECT. FIRst every one come in here for a reason. my reason was getting out of bb stress and stress of the job. lastly here are my thoughts on... sunny: very nice girl with good head on her shoulders that is real and driven gwena: a believer. a girl that was always very fun to talk to and didnt care about who you were. i hope i get to see her someday somewhere. aries: i love aries. she is a good girl who i had to do what i did to. she is sensetive and cool. i wish her luck in everything she does. hurley: i dont know what to say about hurley. when i think about her i think about giggling girl. i didnt get to know her very well. blosom: nice girl that knows how to take a joke. she also know how to keep a secret. ashley: one of the coolest girls in room. ever. she is far from stupid and very much know how to take a joke. elise: if i made a friend in the room it was aliza. i love her. she deserves the best guy in the world. she got a golden heart. curvy: my buddy she is a mod on boards now i take her as a fitness chic more than chatter. respect her a lot. daisy: i wish every woman at 40 would look that good. she is smart and funny too. liked her alot both during the times i was mean to her and during the times i was nice to her. she always knew how to take me! awesome woman. vamp: i like vamp. she also know how to take a joke and very open minded. chelsey: i always like chelsey and whats between me and her will always stay between me and her. very smart wise and also pretty girl. tits: musclechubb is a bodybuilder. face it or dont she is. she might be older than 35 but she likes bodybuilding and got a mission to be the best she can be. i like people like that. riot: she is sensetive girl. i also think that she is one of the prettiest girls in the room. she found love and she needed it. i like her a lot. very smart girl too. kitty: smart woman. honest woman. yelena: sweet girl with good intentions. very smart girl!!! and very fun to talk to. hope no one plays her! liberty: very smart, very honest, very real. tonda: tonda is a cool woman. she knows how to accept people no matter what problems they have. very smart woman. she also knows a lot more than she says. meaner: meaner is a hard worker. she also dont take chat seriously!! which makes me think of her as uniqe to the room. and i know u waited for this one lol lena: um elena. lol if there is one thing im sorry about, it is for playing her heart. i did love her and still do but not as what you think. i love her like a sister. she is a good sensetive girl and i got reports on that directly from a person i can count on. she did everything she said she would do and it put a smile on my face. she did it like she promised 3 years ago. she can hate me for breaking her heart but i know the person she is with is meant for her and heal it. i knew it for years and im very happy it worked. now for the guys looooool laser: laser i dont think ever believed a word i said but i think he liked thunder a lot. i do think laser knows im sagi. i can only hope he does. he is a smart dude and one of my old time favorite although he stuck some knives in thunder's back sometimes lol neil: neil liked thunder in general for the comic aspect. he dont care who thunder is. and this is the way thunder likes it! punisher: he will go far in bodybuilding. smart guy still young. mighty: rip lol canadianabs: he hate the room but he got potential if he only tried to go serious. nhb: love him masswithclass: i love you bro rest in peace. he is in heaven for sure flexing infront of the real god. mr huge: he is one of my favorites. why? cuz he is a smart brother. he dont take chat seriously and thats the way it should be. matt: good guy know how to take a joke prince: good guy know how to take a joke mark: a loony but i came in for them. lol he is a good guy. smc: love him. very smart. very sharp. very very similar to thunder in his meaness vasc: a talent and the reason the bb room will be interesting still beyond thunder. dv: like him he is good guy that . prairi and rugby: consider both big time normal people. very good people too. vtaper: he got good intentions lol he only dont direct them right. i did enjoy chatting with him a lot. he is one of a kind and i did come to the room at night cuz i knew he would be there! lol shane: serious bro. found love. other shane: i dont know about you but i like shane. i liked his lines. i liked his crazyiness. i just liked him. he made this room 100 times more interesting. wadewilson lol: he is also was very much liked by me. i liked him a lot. ron mehico: good dude. hope he finds the right chic for him. killa: funny bro. i like the dude. annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd last but very not least chuy. chuy is the only guy in the room that i consider a genious. he is very smart and very uniqe. i dont care if he was bi straight or a lesbo lol. chuy from the first day i entered the room 3 years ago was the funniest and the most amazing guy that came in there. i think the person chuy will share his life with will be the luckiest person in california. thats bout it i didnt mention all cuz i was talking from what i remember... i do promise you that any other thunder that will get in the room is fake. it is not the real thunder. i will also not come in the room with any other names cuz i dont see any sense to that. i liked being thunder the loud mouth and the main reason for the leaving is stated above. i did chose to stay incontact with one person in the room but i wont name his/her name. he/she will update you sometime at what i been up to if he/she feels like it. it is also not on yahoo so dont try to look for it. i wish you a very very very happy holidays and i hope you will always remember thunder when you see the words chikan and shut up no pms. i will see ya at tha gymmmmmm bye everyone, sagi

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