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Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Walk Under the Bridges of Pasadena

Colorado Street Bridge. The Colorado Street Bridge was completed in 1913 to span Arroyo Seco, a gorge carved out of the San Gabriel Mountain Range. Now part of Pasadena, California, a beautiful town in Southern California near Los Angeles, Arroyo Seco was once a naturalists paradise, with President Theodore Roosevelt one of its many admirers. Approaching the bridge for photography can be a challenge as the few trails are not very accessible, and totally unmarked and steeply graded, but the hike is pleasant and the locations are serene. The bridge itself is 1468 feet long and 150 high, made of reinforced concrete with a graceful curve necessitated by the difficult and unstable terrain it was built upon. Located directly off the 210 freeway, and within walking distance of the famous Rose Bowl, this bridge is an enduring icon in a metropolis that is renowned more for its rapid pace and continuing development than its preservation of heritage. Renovations were complete in 1994, and the bridge is now listed on various landmark registries and is set to stand tall for another 75 years.
They used this bridge in the movie, "Being John Malkovich" and series of "Alias".
La Loma Bridge. Has spanned the lower Arroyo Seco for almost 90 years, described at its opening as the "handsome small sister of the Colorado Street Bridge", the La Loma Bridge is an open spandrel arch structure and one of the finer local examples, influenced by nostalgic views of Greece and Rome, adopted for use on a bridge. The La Loma Bridge is 378 feet long and carries one lane of travel in each direction with five-foot-wide sidewalks on both sides. The bridge is also eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) due to its historical significance.
San Rafael Bridge. They used this bridge in the film, "Seabiscuit".

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Bodybuilder of the Month

"Four years ago, I was very overweight. I hired Diana Dennis to do my diet, and went from 45% body fat to about 17%. When the fat started coming off, I started to notice incredible muscle mass underneath, not only that but in perfect symmetry! It was at that point I decided to train for competition. I hired Jeannie Paparone, who was then Nationally qualified (now IFBB Pro), to do my diet and training schedule. My body really began changing at that point. I would look at Jeannie and think "My God, shes HUGE! How can I ever enter a competition." Read the rest of her story here.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

We Will Miss You!

We all knew Alan for his...his…well he didn’t do much but we can remember his immature, teen hormonal attitude and his hatred towards the blacks, jews, gays, booters and of course guys who actually got laid. Alan will not be coming on yahoo anymore due to his brother moving out and taking the computer with him, this has left alan in a deep state of pain and depression (time to feel sorrow) . Alan will no longer be able to communicate with his ‘bodybuilding friends’ and his ‘wacking off material whores’ (tits). A few of us will miss you alan and may send you Christmas cards with a condom incase you get lucky…NOT used for mutts (Jodie). Alan didn’t ask for much from me(aussieryan)…)….except tongue piercing kit, supps, roids, mp3 player, watch, steel capped boots, t-shirts and many other useless objects but at least he stuck by me when some little freak was pissing me off; to convince me to buy him things?….maybe or maybe he was a kind, caring, joyful and giving person. LMAO!! From Ryan (I guess)

Caption My Picture Contest 2

THE RULES: Be clever, be original, make us giggle. Enter your caption in the space below. Winners will be awarded a $10 gift certificate from Walmart. Contest ends in 4 weeks. Good luck!

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Fittest and Fattest Cities by Men's Fitness Magazine

FITTEST CITIES 1. Baltimore, Maryland 2. Honolulu, Hawaii 3. Virginia Beach, Virginia 4. Tucson, Arizona 5. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 6. Colorado Springs, Colorado 7. San Francisco, California 8. Seattle, Washington 9. Louisville-Jefferson, Kentucky 10. Boston, Massachusetts FATTEST CITIES 1. Chicago, Illinois 2. Las Vegas, Nevada 3. Los Angeles, California 4. Dallas, Texas 5. Houston, Texas 6. Memphis, Tennessee 7. Long Beach, California 8. El Paso, Texas 9. Kansas City, Missouri 10. Mesa, Arizona
Baltimore surprised to be 'fittest city'
BALTIMORE, Maryland (AP) -- When an annual survey named Baltimore the fittest city in America, many Charm City residents had the same response: You gotta be kidding. Sure, people here are known for eating lots of seafood, but are crab cakes and deep-fried lake trout the staples of a healthy diet? "I think it's probably the most mis-fit city in America," said Charisse Bailey as she dug into a typical Baltimore lunch: fried red snapper on thick white bread, with a side of french fries and a beer. The city's skyline is dotted with neon signs advertising Domino sugar, Utz potato chips and National Bohemian beer. And while many neighborhoods, such as Fells Point and Federal Hill, have been transformed by an influx of young professionals, a Friday night visit to either reveals a culture that revolves around drinking and greasy food. Nevertheless, Men's Fitness magazine placed Baltimore at the top of its annual list of cities where fitness is king, ahead of Honolulu (No. 2 for the second consecutive year), San Francisco (No. 7) and last year's winner, Seattle (No. 8). The fattest city in America for 2006 is Chicago, taking over the dubious honor from Houston. Last year, Baltimore was closer to Houston than it was to Honolulu, checking in as the 25th-fattest city in the Men's Fitness tally. How could such a turnaround be possible in the span of a year? Men's Fitness editor Neal Boulton is quick to point out that the survey is far from scientific, and he says it took additional factors into account this year that worked in Baltimore's favor. Among them: the amount of public park space, access to health care, air quality, the relatively small number of fast-food restaurants and the leadership of Mayor Martin O'Malley. Boulton says Baltimore has become safer, more prosperous and more conducive to fitness. "Baltimore is a paragon of urban renewal. That's why it's the fittest city, that's why it's the comeback city," he said. Boulton says he also reduced the importance of climate in the survey, which is one reason Baltimore squeaked ahead of Honolulu. Rival magazine Men's Health had a different take on Baltimore. In its current issue, the magazine ranks Baltimore 93rd on its list of the "100 Best Cities for Men," with grades of "F" in health and quality of life and "C+" in fitness. San Francisco tops the Men's Health survey, and Honolulu is No. 2. Baltimore residents seemingly would have had an easier time believing the Men's Health ranking. When told of the Men's Fitness honor, they invariably reacted with shock, bewilderment or outright laughter. "Baltimore lives on junk food. That's why we're all standing here," said electrician Mark Smith as he surveyed the scene at Lexington Market. The popular downtown lunch spot has dozens of kiosks selling fried chicken and cheap Chinese food. "I've been eating here for 21 years," Smith said. "I walk around and think, 'What's the lesser of the evils?"' While the city has seen significant reductions in violent crime, large sections remain plagued by poverty and drugs, and residents of less prosperous neighborhoods often have to depend on convenience stores and takeout food for sustenance. "We don't eat well at all," said Tremonteria Morgan, a vegetarian. "We eat a lot of fried foods -- fried chicken and soul food. For myself, I have to search high and low for a health food place. We have a lot of obesity here in our city." The mayor looked on the bright side, attributing Baltimore's increasing fitness to its economic revival and the end of its precipitous population drop. "You see some neighborhoods starting to grow again, and attracting younger people. With those younger people coming, there's a number of gyms now," O'Malley said. "In every growing neighborhood, you look for two leading signs -- one is a gym and the other is a Starbucks."

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USC Trojans vs Texas Longhorn - Whose Gonna Win?

The traffic along Orange Grove towards the Rose Bowl this afternoon. At the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Those guys selling souvenirs and some AM Radio Station guys. Some watching with their tvs outside. "National Champions" wristband I got as a souvenir.

Monday, January 02, 2006

117th Tournament of Roses Parade - "It's Magical!"

Happy New Year! The caramel apple "upside down" pie (figure it out why and my Uncle was blaming me? LOL), we watched the NYC Party count down to 2006 (rerun), this is what the table looks like before and...after. 117th Tournament of Roses Parade - "It's Magical"