Tuesday, January 10, 2006

We Will Miss You!

We all knew Alan for his...his…well he didn’t do much but we can remember his immature, teen hormonal attitude and his hatred towards the blacks, jews, gays, booters and of course guys who actually got laid. Alan will not be coming on yahoo anymore due to his brother moving out and taking the computer with him, this has left alan in a deep state of pain and depression (time to feel sorrow) . Alan will no longer be able to communicate with his ‘bodybuilding friends’ and his ‘wacking off material whores’ (tits). A few of us will miss you alan and may send you Christmas cards with a condom incase you get lucky…NOT used for mutts (Jodie). Alan didn’t ask for much from me(aussieryan)…)….except tongue piercing kit, supps, roids, mp3 player, watch, steel capped boots, t-shirts and many other useless objects but at least he stuck by me when some little freak was pissing me off; to convince me to buy him things?….maybe or maybe he was a kind, caring, joyful and giving person. LMAO!! From Ryan (I guess)

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