Monday, April 24, 2006

Is He Really Quitting Yahoo?

Stephen: ok thats it, i officially resign from yahoo curling:1 chat. Whenever something which vaguely resembles bodybuilding or sports chat returns, im sure one of the other serious people on my list will notify me. It has been a wonderful year of getting to know some of you on yahoo chat room. Ive garnered a lot from the vast majority of you, some of whom i've only exchanged passing pleasantries. Nevertheless, it is with absolute sincerity that I wish you all the best in your endeavours as bodybuilders, curlers, sports (and sports bodies lol) enthusiasts. I do hope to read about some of you and your accomplishments in some famous magazine similar to the ones that I have appeared in. Then I will be truly be able to look up, put a big grin on my face and say, "I know that girl/guy/lol or whatever" Once again, its been a pleasure knowing the whole bunch, especially those from the real good ole days of Bodybuilding:1. My apologies to those whom I might have offended along the way, take care of yourselves, lots of l Stephen: ove and success......................................... Stephen tanan605 left the room

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