Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Trip to Cabazon (Monday-Wednesday)

Everybody knows that I am a tv addict. LOL. After watching American Idol on this plasma tv, I watched the Search for Miss USA on CMT. I haven't seen plasma tvs in Vegas...only at the Casino Morongo.
I just took a picture of the bathroom, and some from the fitness room, and the pool area, and the "Casitas". That's my dessert plate there. LOL .
Less than a mile is the Hadley Orchard. Check the stuffs they sell in the store. Then we went shopping at the Cabazon Outlet Store. I took this picture of this kid who pulled the sign down inside the Guess Store. The "World's Biggest Dinosaurs".

1 comment:

Mariaela said...

cool pictures! love the guess shot!

where do i find the dinos? I'd like to take my nephew there?