Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

I would like to greet all moms a Happy Mother's Day! --
Mommy Brooke, Mommy Angelina (who is still in Africa with the gorillas), Mommy Katie (Tom, I made sure not to put your picture next to Brooke's. I know you don't get along together but hey, give her a call and say a happy mother's day.), Mommy Britney (Opps, you're pregnant again? You are a very horny girl!), Mommy Michael (I love your boobs!), to all weird moms out there, drunkard moms, naughty moms, sexually active moms, mommy cats, mommy gorillas in Africa, and moms who are serving time in jail (oh, and those who escaped jail!) WE LOVE YOU MOM!

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