Sunday, May 07, 2006

Museums of the Arroyo Day 2006

Here are pictures I took today from the Gamble House, Heritage Square Museum, Lummis Home and Garden, Pasadena Museum of History, and the Southwest Museum of the American Indian. And you probably have heard of what happened. Let me tell you the story again. While I was walking back home from the last museum I went to, which was the Pasadena Museum of History, some car cop stopped me by the Colorado Street Bridge and asked where I was coming from. So I answered him back and he flew away. I knew they were looking for someone at that time because I could see the Police chopper flying very low and going in circles around that area. But before the cop encounter I thought it was just a regular helicopter taking shots of the occasion taking place at the _____ building, which looked like wedding to me. Anyways, after crossing the brigde, I was met by other two cops in their cars. The cop was black and he was heavy set, his name was Officer Donovan Jones of the Pasadena Police Department jumped out of his car and then asked me all sorts of questions while I followed all his commands. I cooperatively put my hands behind my back while he handcuffs me. He took my personal infomation, asked me all sorts of questions, and even asked me what was the white spot at the back of my sweat shirt. I have no clue as to what was the "white spot" on my shirt. I told him it must be from my dogs. But later I realized that it probably came from one of the museums I visited. I remember leaning on one of those dusty, old museum walls and probably that made the white spot. It was very small, actually. They took the big poster I got from the museum and all the membership brochures and postcards. I remember the other cop that came with Officer Jones asked where I got the poster. I answered him, "From the Lummis Museum" (pronounced as Lum-mus). Then more cops came, one was in his bicycle, one of those NAT (Neighborhood Action Team). The chopper was also still there going in circles around us. It was so loud that I could still hear it's sounds until now. I didn't have a clue as to what reason I was being held by these cops. Anyways, I was trying to calm myself although I was so nervous. My whole body felt numb and I was shaking - I was getting nuts. I couldn't believe I was in handcuffs! I asked Office Jones what the reason was and he said he'd tell me after I was cleared of everything. As I was sitting on the side of the street next to his car with his K-9 partner inside barking nonstop, his name is Bono (I found information about him and his dog on some website), I asked Officer Jones who they were looking for. He would answered me that he'll tell me later when I'm finally cleared. Then he finally uncuffs me after they said I was ok to go. He told me they were looking for a thief that fits my description. So he lets me go, I said, "I hope you catch the guy-- the RIGHT GUY." and he waves goodbye and I did the same as I walked away. I was like a few feet away when here comes another cop and stops me. He comes out and asked me who let me go. I told him it was Officer Jones. He told me to stay until the victim sees and makes a positive ID on me. So I saw the victim in a different police car from a distance. I don't know why, but he smiled at me. "I know buddy, you got the wrong guy and you should feel sorry," I told my mind. So the cop, I called him Officer as he corrected me saying "Sergeant..." I forgot his last name finally lets me go. I walked home, hungry and tired and shaking uncontrollably. Oh my God, this was the first time I was handcuffed! It was the most frightening, most scary, very traumatic, and very humiliating experience. I got home, told my family about it and friends and all they said was, "They shouldn't put you in handcuffs!" What a bad day. It will take time before I recover from this. I will never forget his experience.

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i hope they did right by catching the real crook!