Thursday, June 29, 2006

This Morning

There were about six of those baby birds but as soon as I got back to take a picture of them, I guess some flew away. Mommy Bird made a nest on top of the carport roof.

And this one that bothered me a lot. It says, "BLACK MEN HATED GOD- KILLS THEIR ENEMIES CHILDREN." Though I'm not sure if that's what it really meant.

Kept hearing the ladies say, "Oh, he's so cute." "Yeah, I know that but what about Superman?" This is the perfect movie to watch with your girl. Too bad, I was with a guy. LOL *wink* Oh, and this was from last night.


Onedizzidragon said...

Presenting the great Chew Meister - who just happens to be especially chewariffic! Thank for being so chewy.

You ever tried alligator? That's pretty chewy too. And hey, what's up when people say pretty good/pretty ugly...kinda doesn't make sense, but for some strange reason we all know what it means and never question it. Hmmm, oh well

Anonymous said...

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