Saturday, July 29, 2006

I Was Right... radar is working just fine. LOL.

But do you know the World's 10 Worst Anti-Gay Nations?

Here is a list of the 10 nations with the worst anti-gay abuse record, from the Human Rights Watch and State Dept. report:

1.) Uganda: Consensual homosexual sex is punishable by life in prison. Approved a constitutional amendment banning equal marriage rights for gays.

2.) Iran: Intercourse between two men is punishable by death. Homosexual acts that do not involve intercourse are punishable by 100 lashes. Two young men were executed in July, reportedly for being gay. Two more men were executed for being gay in November.

3.) Egypt: Egyptian law prohibits fujur, which courts have interpreted to mean "homosexual relations between men." Rights groups have documented hundreds of instances of gay men being arrested and tortured.

4.) Saudi Arabia: Gay men have been beheaded in public squares for the crime of consensual homosexual sex. Some men who are convicted of homosexuality are flogged with 2,000 lashings.

5.) Nigeria: Homosexuality is outlawed in the Nigerian penal code and Muslim law. In northern states under Muslim law the punishment can be death. Homosexuality can carry up to a 14-year prison sentence under the civil penal code.

6.) United Arab Emirates: Civil and Muslim law criminalizes homosexuality. Last November, 26 gay men were arrested and reportedly given hormone treatments and therapy.

7.) Cameroon: Last May, 17 men were arrested for homosexuality. Twelve were charged and detained. The suspects were given a "medical examination" to find evidence of homosexual conduct.

8.) Poland: Right wing groups attempted on several occasions to disrupt Gay Pride marches. Warsaw’s mayor, now Poland’s president, denied Gay Pride groups the right to march in Warsaw last year.

9.) Nepal: While homosexuality is not criminalized, government authorities harass and abuse gays and transgender people. In April, police attacked 18 transgender women who were on their way to a festival.

10.) India: Violation of India’s sodomy law is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. The sodomy law is often used to harass and detain AIDS prevention workers and gays.

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Anonymous said...

Fuck brah,these punishments are all more GAY than the people being punished. Tell me thats not a crock of shit eh? Man, I think I just lost every homosexual tendancy I ever had after reading all of this...muahahahaha! J/K, you know I am straight anyway. As straight as a coiled telephone cord. Wait, that sounded GAY. I don't want them to have to make a punishment for people in the USA who use phone cords. TTYLMKAYCOOLIBYEEEEEEHEREEEEE