Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Anonymous said...

Doode, sire, brah, in the post you put on your blod right before this one you mention that the fellow in the pic is Bi, or gay even for using St. Ive's Body Scrub. Yet in this pic of Muy Caliente girl here you say she is HOT for wearing men's underwear?

Wow sire I didn't know you were like this...ha ha ha! Man, are you trying to make me feel gay? I have used St. Ive's many times. Especially the Vanilla because this girl liked the way I tasted when I used it...hmm?

If I am gay for using this product, wait! Let me go put on a girly thong then maybe you will call me muy caliente. I love you Joel. Hope everything is well and dandy for you. K...ttyl gangsta SDR soup #72

Anonymous said...

id do her but i wish some 1 would tell that loud mouth in the chat room 2 put a cork in it im mean damn she goes on and on about b s.

CHUYS said...

Brah, I didnt know she wears men's underwear! Yikes! Again, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Oye!