Thursday, October 19, 2006

Beans, Beans, And More Beans!

I have three kinds of beans - royal burgundy, green crop, and the stringless green pod. They've been growing over a month now and I'm so happy they have flowers and tiny pods! Quick info: Since beans are members of the legume family, bean flowers are asymmetrical flowers with distinct upper and lower lobes, features characteristic to this family. I've never grown these before but I think I'm doing okay.

Bean Royal Burgundy. I have about 10 of these growing - I know what you are thinking... space really is an issue. It's flowers are purple. It's a bushy plant that's why I have those tree branches as stakes to support them. The branches are from my tree that is growing wildly on the front lawn.

Bean Green Crop.

Stringless Green Pod. Notice the tiny pod?

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