Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"Tom", the Tomato

Aside from my passion for lifting weights, one of the things I love doing is GARDENING. Yes, I love growing and taking care of plants. Since I've moved here to my new place, I've started my own garden of vegetables and ornamental plants. I've bought seeds and sow them a couple of months ago and now they're all growing! The back lawn is big enough but I don't have much space for growing vegetables. Actually, the back lawn is for my dogs to play around. Remember, I have two of them - Kobe (AKA Bob) & Bryant (AKA Giz). Most of the ornamentals that I have are still in the pots and nowhere to go in the lawn. My vegetable garden is small but I have so much going on in there. Anyways, I am so happy to find out that one of the tomatoes is bearing flowers and fruit now. I'm going to name it's very first fruit (and the very first fruit from my vegetable garden), "Tom - the Tomato" and we'll see what happens to Tom in his journey from my garden to my plate - maybe?
PS: What kind of tomato is Tom? Can you help me ID him?

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Cirux said...

Ummmmm I feel like Tom is the kind of tomatoe the is green at the begining and red at the end LOL. Congrats on ur garden.