Monday, January 22, 2007

Reuse - Recycle

Did you guys watch "Living with Ed" last Sunday? It's all about renovating and recycling. He talked about different types of recycable plastics. And yes, I'm happy to tell you I recycle my plastics too. Here are some ways I reuse - recycle them.

This used to be filled with milk. Now I just use them to save my water enhanced with Epsom salt and a little plant food (for color - hahaha).

This one is a container you get when you order take out food. I'll make something called a "Bio Dome Seed Started" with this. Wash the container throughly with soap and warm water to remove all leftover food and grease. Then make tiny holes underneath for water drainage. I'll start some of my seeds here until they are big enough to be transfered out.

I use these black plastic bags as "growing bags" myself. I've heard they are biodegradable (but we'll see--). They are actually "doggie bags" for my dogs. And these red plastic bags you can get them at the meat department of grocery stores. I'll use them as growing bags for my tomatoes.

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