Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wohoo Strawberries!

It's my first time to grow strawberries. I'm not sure what kind but the container that it came with said "fragaria ananassa". Now, I replanted them in "growing bags" I purchased from the internet. I made lots of research on growing them and found out that it's best to not let the fruit develop the first year. They advise to pick off each blossom as you see them forming. And listen to this, even a berry or two will weaken the plant and this will drastically lessen the following year's production. I'm just so excited to see them fruit and just ignored everything. Well, we'll see what happens.
Had to take a quick snap shot of this sweet, red strawberry before it ends up in my mouth! There's one fruit affected by the cold weather weeks ago that made it turn brown. I have to snip that out tomorrow.
How lovely are these flowers! They will soon turn into strawberries ready for Valentine's Day. Yummy!

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