Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Things to do in Rincon, CA

July 20-23
This is the view from our 3rd floor room (Garden Cove) at the Harrah's Casino. Jacuzzi at night- I miss it already!
The fitness room - adjacent to the pool/jacuzzi. Not bad.

Sunday was sea food at the at International Buffet. I ate a lot of these crab legs. Yum yum! (There's my glass of milk. Sorry, no nonfat!)

I didn't see thse oysters until Tuesday. Plus I had some cocktail shrimps. Oysters are aphrodisiacs, I told them ladies.

The only sweets that I had, I swear! (You believe me?) Those that look like chocolate balls rolled over shredded coconuts were the best called "rum balls". Oatmeal cookies are very healthy, you know that already. And chocolate is good for you - it actually lowers your blood pressure (esp. the dark ones!)

I've heard there's only one person with the "Seven Stars" treatment. Hey, we're not big time gamblers!

Probably a modern place of worship for the American Idians. It is walking distance from the casino.

Before you ever reach this area, you will pass by miles of orchards and lots of greenhouses where they grow cacti. Sign says, "Cupid's Castle". Hmmmm...

We were looking for this place though...

the dog park in Escondido.

He is also a dog lover...like me, of course!

And a stop at the outlet store in Lake Elsinore.

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