Saturday, November 10, 2007

Container Gardening in Hanging Baskets

So I bought some plants today at the local garden store to make my own hanging baskets. I want to create a cocktail of colors so I picked this six-pack of different color begonias and other plants.
I've got two six-pack of these begonias that will go to three of the hanging basket containers. I think the baskets were made from coconut husk fibers. You can see it on the first picture.
This is a nice hybrid coleus that will go on my hanging baskets to add more color. I think I'll start collecting coleus as I really like them.

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Anonymous said...

Love Begonias, I have lots of large pots around my garden filled with red begonias, they flower here
(in Australia) for months on end and I cut them back every year , they sure make a wonderful show.