Monday, December 31, 2007

After Christmas...

Tree stand
Tree trunk
A week after Christmas day is when I start discarding the Christmas tree. This one is a farm grown noble fir that is about 7 feet tall. The tag says it came from this company in Oregon - the Christmas Tree State. It would be fun to visit someday and see all the trees they grow exclusively for Christmas! Noble fir is one of the more expensive trees but I know there's a more expensive Christmas tree, I just have forgotten the name and they are grown in Florida. Most people here discard the tree just as it is but I cut the branches and just leave the bare trunk. Then I remove the trunk from the tree stand. Everything goes in the green bin but not the tree stand (of course!). The garbage collector comes and recycles these trees. They turn them into mulch.
For more information on recycling your Christmas tree, go to HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

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