Saturday, December 15, 2007

Free Seeds From Wintersown.Org

My seeds arrived earlier than I expected. The guys from wintersown said it'll take 2-3 weeks for them to deliver the seeds. Anyways, I was so excited I opened the SASE envelop that I sent and to my surprise they sent me 10, yes 10 packets of seeds instead of six! I thought they'd all send me tomato seeds (all them heirloom tomatoes) but I've got several seeds to try. I don't know if I'll start sowing them now or wait till the end of winter. I might try sowing a few seeds, I really can't wait to see them all grow. I am mostly excited to sow the tomato blend and swamp milkweed. I will have to do some research before I sow these precious seeds. There's also lots of information on their website - Hurry and get your free seeds too!


wintersown said...

A friend sent me a link to your blog, it's so nice to see the great photos of the seeds from WinterSown.

There's a specific Tomato SASE offer that you can send for--with this seed offer you get six different packs of tomato seeds.

Here's the linK:

Chuys said...

Hey, thanks a lot! I would love to try and grow some (if not all) of those tomato seeds by wintersown.