Sunday, December 16, 2007

Phalaenopsis AKA "Moth Orchid"

I bought a couple of orchids last week and one of them is this "moth orchid" (phalaenopsis). I don't have any experience growing orchids and I'm giving it a try. I did my research already - during the months of December through May that these orchids bloom. Orchid blooms range from white, pink, lavender and yellow - obviously mine is white. Blooms usually last three months.
I'm keeping all of my orchids in the sun room of the house at the moment. I've placed them on a spot near the windows. Another reason I'm keeping them inside is because of the cold winter night. Ideal temperature is between 55 and 85 F. But the cool night time temperatures in the fall is the reason these gorgeous plants start to flower. Now if the temperature goes higher than 90 F this will slow it's growth.
The orchids I purchased were growing in a medium of moss. I only water them once a week. Note: Don't get the water on the flowers as it will shorten it's life.
I'm thinking of repotting my orchids - this one has outgrown it's pot. But I can't do that any sooner as I don't have any moss available. You can also use bark, stone, perlite or similar material that will provide the aeration your Phalaenopsis will need.

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