Sunday, February 10, 2008

Update: On "Wintersown.Org" Seeds

Remember that a couple of weeks ago I started sowing those seeds that Wintersown.Org sent me. There were ten different seeds that they sent me and to date these are the ones that have germinated. None of the tomato seeds have germinated yet. I'm not using any special equipment to grow these. Probably I've started them out too early. Well, patience, patience. It's my first time to see some of these seedlings - like the spider flower and the swamp milkweed! It really makes me happy to see these tiny plants and I couldn't wait much longer to see them grow big! Check back for more updates on these and the ones that have not germinated yet.
Spider Flower Seedlings
Swamp Milkweed Seedlings
Sweet Fennel Seedlings
And this one I don't know. The cardboard paper I used as plant marker got lost. It'll surprise me when it starts flowering for sure.

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