Saturday, March 01, 2008

How to Propagate Dahlias

I bought three bags of dahlia tubers the other day - Duet, Bill McKnight and Vancouver (not shown) all bicolor kind.
A bag has about 3 tuberous roots.
Carefully empty the bag in a container for you to work on the tubers. A nice shallow container is perfect.
Carefully separate the tubers with clean shear pruner making sure you leave it with an "eye" or growing points where new shoots will appear. These eyes are typically found at the top of a tuber on the ridge where the tuber joins the stem. Tubers without eyes may root but probably will not sprout.
Leave the tubers a day or two for the "wound" to heal before planting them.
Tubers with very long and thin necks then to rot. Those tubers with necks that easily break off will probably not sprout.
Here is a nice tuber with an "eye".
Tuber with shoots ready to be planted. This is also the "mother tuber".

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