Sunday, May 11, 2008

Asian White Mulberry

I did a search on Google. Keywords were "white" and "berry". So finally, I found out that the tree I was looking at was an "Asian White Mulberry". The tree was big and most of it's branches were covered with these berries! They're so many - most of them were ripe and on the ground. Guess no one likes these berries except for some wild birds. Are they tasty? I'm hesitant to take a bite. You know anyone who has tried it? I took a few fresh berries, squish the seeds out of the fleshy pulp and sown them right away in soil. That's the information I found on sowing the seeds of these berries. I'm thinking of saving some seeds (have them sun dried) to share it with friends but I don't know if they will ever sprout. I'll have updates on this post.

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