Saturday, May 03, 2008

Free Tree Seeds from Planting America

Finally, my seeds from Planting America arrived today! And guess what, they're all free! I didn't request these seeds just because they are free - I am going to plant all these seeds and grow them all in my backyard and give some seedlings to friends (hopefully they all sprout). It's my first time to be growing these seeds. So here are the pictures of the seeds and they sent me six of the seven seed offers they have up on their website. 250 seeds per packet! Now if all those seeds sprout and grow into trees I'll have my own forest in my yard! Just kidding! I'm not going to sow them all at once. I'm experimenting on just a few (I'm a novice to these seeds) and will keep the rest of the seeds in the refrigerator until I'm ready to sow some more. Anyways, they have directions to sowing these seeds on their website. Check them out and see for yourself! Sorry, I just checked and they've ran out of this offer but it'll be up and running again, I'm sure. Thank you Planting America!

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