Saturday, October 25, 2008

How to Grow Narcissus Indoors

I have two packages of narcissus bulbs, three of each - jetfire and salome.
You need some rocks for the bulbs to anchor their roots once they're start growing. These are some of the leftover river rocks that I have in the garden and some rocks I usually use on my cactus plants. Make sure they're clean by washing them in water.
Look for a nice vase or any container you would like to use for your bulbs to grow into. I picked this large clear vase to hold 6 bulbs of narcissus.
Start by laying the rocks at the bottom of the vase. Aside from rocks, you can use other planting mediums such as pebbles, marble chips, or dirt.
Carefully place the bulbs on top of the rocks. You need lots of bulbs to create a nice bouquet of narcissus flowers.
Put enough water until it reaches just at the base of the bulbs. Use bottled water - do not use tap water as it has chlorine. Place it in a dark room during the root formation and move it to a well-lighted area during budding and flowering.

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