Sunday, October 12, 2008

How to Make Birdhouse Gourds

These are the gourds that I harvested from my vine. They were first washed with soap and water, towel dried, and placed under the sun for a couple of days.
Trace the circular opening for your gourd birdhouse. I used the cap of my vitamin bottle. Bigger holes are good for big birds. Smaller holes for small birds. I first used a drill to make the hole(s) for my jigsaw. The drill holes were along the circular pattern that I traced.
I used the soft wood cutting blade on my jigsaw.
Carefully cut along the trace and make the opening. Use a mask to avoid inhaling the dust.
Use a spoon to scrape out all the seeds and residues in the gourd.
A little sanding around the opening to polish it.
Again, grab your drill and make holes for the hooks so you can hang them. You can use wire as hooks.
These are all the seeds I've collected from two gourds. The other group is from another kind of gourd (not shown in the pictures).

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