Saturday, January 03, 2009

My First Garden Project of 2009: Plant Succulents in Wooden Barrel Planter

Here is a huge wooden barrel planter that I laid upside down on the floor. It has a small drainage hole at the center.
Drilled holes for the casters
After I installed four caster wheels. This will make it easier to move the planter wherever I want it.
This is the liner that I used. The ones made of rubber sell for more than 10 bucks a foot. This was recommended to me by the garden expert at my local garden store.
Liner goes in and around the planter. I also poked a hole on the liner to make sure water drains out.
Now it's time to collect plants that will go in my new planter. I'm thinking succulens!
Filling the planter with top soil.
I've filled it all the way up the brim.
Tada! A mixture of succulents newly planted in my wooden barrel planter.
A closer view of the plants.
Mission accomplished!

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