Sunday, May 31, 2009

How to Propagate String of Bananas

I have planted String of Bananas with some of my succulents. These plants that look like green bananas just grow really fast that most of them are touching the ground from hanging on top of my outdoor plant stand. A String of Banana is about 3 feet long! These are a couple of the "strings" that I cut to propagate. I usually pick the ones with roots. Use a garden shear to cut them - they are really easy to cut.
Can you see the root on this "string"?
Make sure you plant the rooted cutting with the root going in the planting medium. I'm using a regular potting soil.
I have two pots of string of bananas from just a couple of cuttings that I took - here is one. Keep watering the cuttings and these will root in about 2 weeks (unless the cutting has roots just like the ones I have).

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