Saturday, May 09, 2009

Plants from New York Trip

So I was able to take home a couple of nice plants that passed security at the airport. Well, I wasn't carrying anything illegal but also I wasn't sure if bringing plants in the plane is not allowed - esp. as a carry on. Some of the plants here were from my cousin's yard (she has a huge yard!) and some from her neighbor's who were so into gardening like myself!
Seedlings of Hellebores
Maple tree seedling
A cutting from a rooted Forsythia (I love it's yellow flowers!)
A cutting from a rooted Lilac bush

We almost drove to Rochester, NY for the annual Lilac Festival. But I'm still happy I have my own lilac now. You won't believe how fragrant the flowers of this purple lilac. I am so excited to grow and can't wait to see my own fragrant lilac flowers!

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